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Client success stories

Find out how our customized patent search services bring value to our clients at every step of their innovation process.

From insights to actions

At the core of every success story is our commitment to respond to every challenge and understand the unique requirements of our clients.

Our extensive experience in patent research and analysis enables us to develop tailored search strategies that uncover relevant prior art and actionable insights. 

Whether it’s creating a completely new patent search service for a client navigating Standard Essential Patents or optimizing search strategies for a leading patent litigation firm, Parola Analytics seamlessly transforms our teams into your trusted patent search partners.

Custom patent research for Law360 Founder

Law360 and Fastinform founder needed a patent research partner that can monitor and report on the latest patents, innovations, breakthroughs and academic publications. Parola provided a research team the easily integrated to their workflow.


IP challenges?
We have solutions.

At Parola Analytics, we are committed to responding to the unique needs of our clients. We create customized patent research solutions for every step of your innovation process.


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