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Intellectual Property Law

Facebook patented an online system against trademark violations

Facebook was recently granted the patent for an online system (e.g., social networking system) that allows searching and regulating trademark violations. The online system can receive proofs of trademark registration from trademark owners before proceeding to search and rank contents within the system that are possibly violating those registered trademarks through the support of machine learning. The system can then proceed to control the distribution of those contents (e.g., by blocking or blacklisting content providers) if there are any indications of trademark violations in them.

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Intellectual Property Law

Risk prediction and stratification of sarcopenia and NAD deficiency is pending US patent application

Researchers from the University of Southampton and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) had recently applied for a U.S. patent for their method that’s able to predict the risk of and stratify sarcopenia and NAD deficiency, particularly on older adults at least 45 years of age and preferably older. Apart from predicting its risks, the patent application also provides ways to predict the responsiveness of said adults to nutritional intervention against the development of the said disease, detailing some ways related to treating and preventing it on them.

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Internet of Things

Google patents smart home method of elderly monitoring

Google has been pushing the smart home for a few years now, starting with the launch of Google Home smart speaker in 2016. Having consolidated its smart home devices under the Nest ecosystem, Google is eyeing features tailored to specific types of residents.

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