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Custom research for Law360 founder

Law360 and Fastinform founder Marius Meland needed the right research partner for a pilot company that he needed to launch. Find out how Parola provided patent and non-patent technical research.

Finding the right research partner

Marius Meland
Founder, Law360
CEO and Founder, Fastinform

A little more than a year ago, Fastinform, Inc., set out to find a research partner for a daunting task. Our flagship publication, the Academic Times, covers groundbreaking research authored by preeminent scholars worldwide.

Our challenge was to somehow wade through research published in 30,000 academic journals every day and identify only the most significant papers across disciplines. In addition, we wanted to identify only the most novel and useful patents filed by universities and government agencies.

We knew we didn’t have the resources or capabilities to undertake this task ourselves. However, Parola Analytics met the challenge with gusto. Under Vincent Violago’s visionary leadership, his team quickly came up with a methodology for identifying the most notable research from peer reviewed journals with a high citation score. Moreover, his team proposed a method of tracking patents both at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization.


  • Uncovered innovations and technological breakthroughs from diverse sources
  • Developed a research team workflow that easily integrated with a client’s workflow
  • Provided research and analysis on breakthroughs published in scientific journals and new patent filings

In just weeks, our investments in our relationship with Parola Analytics started to pay handsome dividends. Parola Analytics identified a patent filed by researchers at Yale that showed promise as a vaccine against malaria.

Our article, authored by Monisha Ravisetti, was publicized in hundreds of newspapers and magazines worldwide and quoted thousands of times on social media.

screenshot of Hillary Clinton's tweet showing Academic Times' article

Identifying research breakthroughs

In the subsequent period, our relationship has blossomed to the point where Parola now has eight dedicated analysts to help us with our research.

Time and again, the team has succeeded in identifying research breakthroughs ignored by mainstream media, whether in the realm of chemistry, physics, medicine, neuroscience, nanotechnology, quantum computing or economics.

Parola’s success is based on a singular strength, the quality of its analysts. With their scientific and engineering background, coupled with their keen insights into emerging technologies and trends, Parola’s team proved the ideal partner for Fastinform in our complex and time-sensitive challenge.

Moreover, Parola’s flexibility proved invaluable for a startup company like ours, and the reasonable fee structures allowed us to invest in the relationship with confidence.

I would highly recommend anyone with complex research needs and time constraints to consider Parola Analytics for their research needs.

Parola’s success is based on a singular strength, the quality of its analysts.

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