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State of the Art Search

Identify the technological advancements in a specific field to inform R&D direction and innovation strategies with expert-led State of the Art search

What is a state of the art search?

A State of the Art (SOA) search, also called a Collection search, is conducted to assess the existing technical advancements in a particular field. It identifies prior art relating to a certain technology or technology area, and provides insights regarding the patentability of an invention, infringement risks, evaluation of the inventive step, among others.

Why is a state of the art search conducted?

Research and Development

Inform your R&D strategy by identifying the latest advancements and potential areas for innovation. Identify areas of active research, emerging technologies, and gaps in existing knowledge. A thorough analysis of prior art helps identify alternative solutions to a technical problem.

Competitive Intelligence

Gain a competitive edge by understanding the current technological landscape and positioning your products or services accordingly. As a kind of technology overview, a state of the art search can provide valuable insights on what technology areas competitors are actively pursuing.

IP Portfolio Management

Optimize your intellectual property portfolio by identifying gaps, avoiding infringement, and uncovering licensing opportunities.

IP Strategy

Make well-informed decisions regarding market entry, partnerships, and overall business strategy based on the latest technological trends.

State of the art search vs patent landscape — which one do I need?

While an SOA search may be comparable to a Patent Landscape report (PLR) due to the broader nature of their scope, a patent landscape may have a broader overview and tends to look statistics and trends. 

A state of the art search on the other hand tends to look into a more narrowed down aspect of a technology within a larger domain. 

Here are some of the key differences between the two.


  • State of the Art Search
    Concentrates on the latest developments and cutting-edge technologies within a specific field.

  • Patent Landscape Report
    Provides a broader overview, encompassing competitor analysis, technology evolution, and potential opportunities and threats.

Depth of analysis

  • State of the Art Search
    Aims for a detailed understanding of the current technological advancements, often involving an in-depth analysis of scientific literature.

  • Patent Landscape Report
    Offers a comprehensive analysis of the entire patent landscape, mapping key players, technology trends, patenting activity, and potential whitespaces.

State of the Art Search Services

  • Expert-led patent search

    A dedicated US-registered patent attorney or subject matter expert, leading and supervising your patent search projects to ensure high quality results.

  • Cost-effective, flexible arrangements

    At Parola Analytics, we are committed to finding the best solutions with our clients. Customize solutions that suit your requirements, budget, and easily integrate them with your workflow.

  • Easy-to navigate reports

    Concise, easy-to-navigate prior art search reports and claims mapping charts that provide you with a clear visual presentation of relevant disclosures.

  • Collaborative approach

    Communicate directly with our patent research analysts at any point to fine-tune your search.

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