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Cost-effective, customizable patent landscape reports offer data-driven insights on various technology areas.

What is a patent landscape report?

Patent landscape reports (PLRs) offer an overview of the patent status of a particular technology. The scope can cover specific country or region, or on a global scale. A valuable tool in every IP strategy, they offer valuable insights on research and development, competitor analysis, alternative technologies, industry and innovation whitespaces. 

At Parola Analytics, we make sure that patent experts — patent attorneys, patent agents, subject matter experts — lead your patent landscaping projects.


Actionable insights

Whether it’s a comprehensive study of a competitor ’s patent portfolio, a roundup of emerging technologies from the academe, mergers and acquisitions within an industry, venture capitalist fundings — our patent experts and data analysts will dig deeper into comprehensive data sources to provide you with insights crucial in making high-level decisions.

Our in-house patent analytics tool, ParolaONE allows us to turn big data into actionable intelligence.

Customized research

Fine-tune the scope of the patent landscape report to fit your IP goals

Patenting activity

Patent trends, top assignees, inventors, top technology areas by custom categorization

Competitor Analysis

Competitor patenting activity, innovation focus, competing or alternative technologies

Business intelligence

Mergers, acquisitions, consolidations in the space, investment activity, startups

Legal & Litigation

Litigation data, NPE activity, post-grant proceedings history and outcomes

Whitespace Analysis

Under-protected areas, potential spaces for innovation and research, industry gaps

Featured reports

Download sample reports on various technology areas: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Digital Twin, 3D Printing and many more. 

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What our clients are saying

Know the landscape. Get ahead.

Optimize your IP strategy with our data-driven patent landscape insights. 

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