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End-to-end solutions from ideation to patent prosecution

Turn your ideas into valuable assets

Whether you’re a startup, a midsized company or an individual inventor, navigating the complexities of the patent application process can be quite daunting without an established IP team behind you.

Having a reliable partner to cover both technical and legal fronts is crucial.

We offer custom patent procurement services at every step of this process. From the ideation stage, conducting patentability searches and then assisting you towards the nest step: obtaining patentability opinions, filing patents, and guiding you through the patent prosecution process — our solutions are designed to transform your innovative ideas into valuable assets.

End-to-end patent development solutions

Our patent procurement solutions are enhanced by our collaboration with Avontis*, U.S.-based IP law firm.
  • Ideation

    State of the Art search or other custom searches to give you a comprehensive view of a technology area, existing solutions, competing art and more.

  • Patentability Search

    Assess the novelty of your invention by uncovering prior art that may impact likelihood of obtaining a patent.

    Evaluate non-obviousness and gain insights in light of the prior art

  • Patentability Opinion

    Our legal partners provide insightful opinions on your invention's patentability, empowering informed decision-making

  • Patent Filing

    Experienced attorneys from our partner firm help you navigate the intricacies of the application process, securing your intellectual property effectively.

    Get professional assistance in filing priority or provisional applications, U.S. utility, design, etc

  • Patent Prosecution

    Benefit from comprehensive support during the patent prosecution process: Preparation and filing of a response to a substantive Official Action from the USPTO, appeal briefs, and more.

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    1. Parola Analytics and Avontis are distinct entities and operate independently. Any references to Avontis or its services do not constitute a legal partnership. 

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