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Standard Essential Patents Services

Identify standard essential patents (SEPs) in your portfolio, or assess essentiality to the standard before entering licensing negotiations.

What are standard essential patents?

Standard essential patents (SEP) are those required in order to comply with a technical standard. According to ETSI definitions, a patent is considered essential “if it is not possible on technical (but not commercial) grounds, to make, sell, lease, otherwise dispose of, repair, use or operate equipment or methods which comply with a standard without infringing that IPR”.

As successful standards are adopted across entire industries, intellectual property holders vie for their technologies to be incorporated into standards to generate valuable revenues through royalties or licensing.

Parola Analytics provides various services that can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements with regards to SEPs. 


SEP Evidence of Use Search

Safeguard your Standard Essential Patents by identifying infringers in the market

SEP Essentiality Check

Standard Essential Patents often command higher licensing fees due to their critical role in standards implementation.

Establishing essentiality can help patent holders maximize revenue generation from their IP assets.

On the other hand, over-declaration by patent owners have become an issue in SEPs. Patent owners may make “blanket” disclosures without identifying the specific patents. 

Assessing essentiality before entering any licensing negotiations therefore becomes important as not all SEPs that are declared essential are actually essential.

  • Establish essentiality to standard

    Establish your patent's essentiality to a standard through clear, detailed Patent-to-Standard Mapping charts. Identify potential SEPs in your patent portfolio.

  • Negotiate favorable licensing terms

    Gain a more strategic position by establishing your technologies as essential to the development and adoption of standards

  • Assess if SEP is truly essential

    Make informed decisions before entering any SEP licensing agreements. Negotiate better licensing terms based on a patent's essentiality to a standard.

SEP Validity Search

Patents that may have been declared essential may still be exposed to invalidation challenges. A validity search can help

What we deliver

  • Expert-led patent search and analysis

    A dedicated US-registered patent attorney and subject matter expert, leading and supervising your SEP projects to ensure high quality results.

  • Easy-to navigate reports

    Concise, easy-to-navigate reports and claims mapping charts that provide you with a clear visual presentation of relevant disclosures.

  • Collaborative approach

    Communicate directly with our analysts at any point to fine-tune your search.

  • Cost-effective, flexible arrangements

    At Parola Analytics, we are committed to finding the best solutions with our clients. Customize solutions that suit your requirements, budget, and easily integrate them with your workflow.

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