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Prior Art Search Services

Make strategic, well-informed patent decisions with expert-led prior art search

Protect, maximize, and enhance the value of your patent portfolio

An effective prior art search is the cornerstone of any well-informed IP strategy.

Defending your organization from patent infringement, invalidating blocking patents, assessing the novelty of your invention, or mitigating risks when entering new markets — depend largely on the existence of prior art and the ability to find it.

This is where our expert-led patent research comes in.

Expert-led prior art search

Gain access to a global network of patent experts

Prior art search solutions for every step of your innovation process

Patent Invalidity Search

Identify relevant prior art to support your patent invalidation position. Our team of patent experts have extensive experience as patent attorneys and former USPTO patent examiners.

Patentability Search

Assess the novelty of your idea or invention before significantly investing on pursuing patent protection.

Freedom to Operate Search

Identify and examine existing IP, specifically patents, in a given jurisdiction that your product or services could potentially infringe.

State of the Art Search

Gain competitive intelligence by understanding the current technological landscape

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