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Patentability Search

Our comprehensive patentability or novelty searches, which you can also combine with our Patent Drafting services, allows you to determine if your idea or invention satisfies patentability criteria such as novelty and non-obviousness.


  • Mitigate potential risks involved in moving forward with your invention or idea
  • Guide your innovation efforts in the right direction and help you make prudent business decisions
  • Formulate informed decisions regarding whether to file or continue pursuing the prosecution of one or more patent applications
  • Craft strong patent claims that provide maximum protection for your invention and are capable of withstanding patentability or invalidity challenges
  • Identify and capitalize on other possible new uses or new markets for your invention.


Why Parola?

  • Breadth of experience including over 4,000 patent and prior art searches covering a wide array of technology areas such as electrical and communications engineering, physics, materials science, and physical chemistry
  • Depth of knowledge and experience from prior art researchers and PhD-level subject matter experts
  • Extensive project coverage that includes US and non-US patents, non-patent literature
  • Multilingual search covering German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean patent and non-patent databases and literature


What We Deliver

Our Search Reports are designed and organized in an easy-to-understand format and typically include the following sections:

  • Search Report Summary
  • Summary of Search Results
  • Claims Mapping Chart
  • Search Methodology (Patent, Non-Patent)
  • References (including annotations or highlighted excerpts, if requested by client)
  • Databases and other sources used
  • Keyword vectors

The report can be customized, and other features included, depending on your preferences or requirements.


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