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Patentability Search

Partner with us as you take your first steps towards innovation.

Determine whether your idea or invention satisfies criteria of novelty and non-obviousness.

Save on time and costs by gaining actionable insights on whether to pursue or invest in a patent application.
Draft more effective patent applications through a better understanding of the prior art.

Patentability or novelty searches allow you to assess if your idea or invention satisfies the criteria of novelty and non-obviousness. The patent application process can be costly, therefore it is particularly important to perform this search even at the early development stages of your invention.

Here at Parola Analytics, we have proven to be the best fit for startups. Our in-house patent experts: US patent agents, patent attorneys, and subject matter experts have been excellent partners in innovation as clients take their first steps in the patent application process.

What we deliver

  • Comprehensive search covering both US and non-US patents and patent applications. Our patentability search broadens the scope and includes non-patent literature — from scientific journals, blog posts, product brochures, etc.
  • Access to our network of patent agents and patent attorneys best suited for your technology domain through our Patent Expert Edge program. We can offer a preliminary consultation with an expert best-matched for your requirements.
  • Concise, easy-to-navigate reports with claims mapping charts that provide you with a clear visual presentation of the state of art.
  • Time-saving and more importantly, cost-saving preliminary reports provided at an agreed date to ensure that our search is well-aligned with your expectations.
  • Our standard toolkit includes: Claims mapping charts, search strategies and keyword vectors, all databases and sources used, electronic copies of references found with highlighted excerpts. We can also customize reports according to your requirements.

Why Parola Analytics?

Expert-led prior art searches.

We have been a trusted name in prior art search services, with more than 10 years of industry experience. All your projects with us are supervised by patent and subject matter experts.

The best, cost-effective option.

Our pricing remains one of the most competitive in the market, without foregoing quality. We tailor our services based on your needs and your budget.

Trusted by the names that matter.

We have performed prior art search services for several Fortune 500 companies, American Lawyer 100 firms, and many of the most prestigious patent law firms in the US.

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