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Patent Research Services

Customized patent and prior art search solutions for every step of your innovation process.

Protecting and optimizing the value of your innovation is key to an effective intellectual property (IP) strategy. Whether you’re at the early stages of research and development, navigating the patent application process, or shielding your organization and IP from legal risks, a comprehensive and insightful patent research is crucial at each stage. 

At Parola Analytics, we specialize in patent and prior art search, offering tailored solutions to support you at any point in your innovation process. 

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Prior art search services

Expert-led patent and prior art search to inform your IP strategy.

Invalidity Search

Invalidate blocking patents or assess patent validity before IP licensing or acquisition


Assess if your idea or invention is novel and non-obvious, gain design-around inisights

Freedom to Operate

Avoid risks before launching a product or entering a new market

State of the Art

Gain insights to guide your R&D and strengthen patent applications

IP Licensing & Transactions

Protect and maximize the value of your patent portfolio, optimize your IP licensing strategies

Evidence of Use

Identify products and services infringing on your patents, monetize your IP

Standard Essential Patents

Essentiality assessment, validity searches & other SEP-related services

Patent Analytics and Analysis

Data-driven insights based on comprehensive patent landscape and whitespace analysis

Patent Landscape and Analysis

Gain data-driven, actionable insights to inform your IP strategy

Download Sample Reports

Patent Landscape Reports on: Biosensors, Neural Networks, AI, etc.


Ready for download preliminary invalidity search reports


Ready-made preliminary invalidity search reports to jumpstart your case

Expert-led, expert approved.

Effective patent and prior art search starts with a deep understanding of the subject matter. Our team of patent experts can help.

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Our Services

Patent and Prior Art Search

Make informed, strategic business and IP decisions with our trusted, expert-led patent and prior art search.

Patent Analysis Services

Reinforce your competitive advantage by identifying innovation opportunities or overlooked technology areas or industry sectors.

Patent Filing and Prosecution

Our team of seasoned analysts adhere to a stringent standard to ensure that our analyses and insights are based on up-to-date and reliable data.

Patent Landscape and Analysis

Our cost-effective, customizable ParolaNOW Patent Landscape reports offer data-driven analysis on various technology domains.

Patent Expert Edge

Gain access to a network of patent experts. Connect with patent attorneys, patent agents, and PhD-level subject matter experts best suited for your technology domain.

Our Products


ParolaPRIME is our high-quality, ready-made, invalidity search reports that provides actionable insights from our preliminary search and serves as a cost-effective jump-off point for a full prior art search.

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