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Patent Landscape for AI-powered healthcare analytics

This AI healthcare analytics startup was "under-protecting" their innovations. Key insights from our patent landscape and analysis provided compelling reasons for patent protection.


  • A healthcare analytics startup wanted to identify patent rights of interest for their AI-enabled analytics platform
  • The startup partnered with Parola Analytics to conduct a patent landscape report, focusing on artificial intelligence in healthcare platforms
  • Our three-phase process identified key insights for the client: patents of potential concern, “under-protected” technologies in their portfolio, and potential areas for innovation

A healthcare analytics company wanted to understand the patent landscape for AI-powered analytics platforms space, covering the last 10 years. They were interested in identifying patent rights of interest, as well as of potential concern, active players, and promising areas of innovation through patent data.

The challenge

After a discussion about the client’s goals, research specifications and budget, we worked on the design of the project which involved three phases: initiation and planning, research, and analysis.

The first phase identified project scope, requirements, and timelines. In the research phase, we determined keywords, built search strings, and performed data cleanup. To build the dataset, we used a recall set and then checked for relevance. In the analysis phase, we did manual reviews of the dataset, created data visualizations, and performed technical and whitespace analysis.

Actionable insights

The patent landscape report provided the client a more compelling reason to pursue patent protection in order to stay competitive in the AI-enabled healthcare analytics platform space. 

Highlights of the results included:

  • Worldwide patenting activity showed a steady increase, indicating continuous innovation and a potential crowding of the technology space
  • Identified top countries and jurisdictions where patents of interest and concern are seeking protection
  • Identified two main technology areas where patent families were concentrated
  • Potential areas of innovation were identified based several factors: market need, lower levels of patenting activity, etc.
  • After an analysis of the client’s innovation portfolio and comparing it to our dataset, we were able to identify the client’s “under-protected” technologies

From insights to actions

Re-focus R&D efforts

The patent landscape report provided the client with valuable insights, allowing them to (re)focus their R&D efforts and patent strategy on underprotected areas of innovation.

Keep an eye on competitors

Our report and analysis revealed that competitors are actively pursuing patents that might potentially block our client’s innovations.

Compelling case to pursue patent protection

The results of the patent landscape and analysis built a more compelling case for the client to make more strategic moves to strengthen their position in the AI-enabled healthcare analytics platform space.

invalidity search

Identify potential areas fOR innovation and optimize your patent strategy.

Identify potential areas for innovation and optimize your patent strategy.

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