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Patent validity search for top US IP litigation firm

For this top U.S. patent litigation firm, it was Parola Analytics’ extensive patent validity search experience that led to finding key prior art

Expert patent search for top IP firm

One of the top patent litigation firms in the U.S. came to us after working with two other search firms that failed to uncover relevant prior art for one of their cases. The company they were representing needed help finding prior art to invalidate a patent that was being used against them. 

"Our clients value our ability to respond to the challenge and how we provide them with direct communication with our researchers performing their searches. We understand the importance of delivering quality results and helping our clients succeed in their cases."


  • Successfully identified key prior art references after two previous search firms failed to provide the client with quality results
  • Optimized our invalidity search strategies through collaborative, client-focused approach and expert-led patent research
  • Continue to be the more cost-effective solution for patent litigation firms as their go-to for patent invalidity searches

Picking up where others failed

We took on the challenge and worked closely with the firm to understand the scope of the case and the specific needs for the search. Based on the suboptimal results provided by two search firms, we quickly identified the elements they missed. We designed our strategies to target the specifications of the client. Our patent validity search yielded several key prior art references that were not found by previous search providers. Our invalidity search results and claims mapping chart proved integral in supporting their position to invalidate the patent claims.

Since then, this top law firm has continued to rely on Parola Analytics for their patent invalidity searches. We have extensively worked on cases involving some of the world’s largest multinational corporations and emerging growth companies, providing them with the same level of quality and attention to detail.

Why we're the trusted partner

Parola Analytics’ ability to strategize and optimize searches according to the clients’ needs have helped us build strong relationships with clients and establish ourselves as a trusted partner in research in aid of patent litigation and post-grant proceeding matters.

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Key takeaways


Look for a provider with years of experience in patent invalidity searches, with a proven track record of success in identifying killer prior art.


Ensure the provider has a team of expert patent analysts with deep knowledge in various technology domains to ensure comprehensive searches and relevant results. Parola Analytics specializes in patent research led and reviewed by U.S. patent attorneys.


This plays a key role in understanding the specifics of the search. By allowing direct communication and taking a client-focused approach, the client will be able to fine-tune the technical search to what they need from the legal end.

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Looking to maximize your patent portfolio?

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Looking to maximize your patent portfolio?

We can help.

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