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Helping a telecom giant monetize their IP assets

US telco giant uses customized Patent-to-Standards mapping and Evidence-of-Use search for IP licensing and monetization


  • Maximized the value of the client’s patent portfolio, enhancing their value and position in licensing negotiations
  • Identified the most valuable IP for patent licensing or sale based on their essentiality to standards
  • Uncovered new potential licensees and revenue sources through customized evidence of use search

The IEEE and 3GPP challenge

The client is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, with thousands of patents related to various technologies such as wireless communications, 5G, and internet of things (IoT). They needed a partner with a deep technical understanding of their patent portfolio and technical standards, specifically IEEE and 3GPP, to launch their IP licensing and monetization campaign.

Our first step was to identify which patents were most valuable for licensing or sale based on their essentiality to specific standards or evidence-of-use from other companies. We conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s portfolio, starting with a representative sample of over 40 patents.

New opportunities

Our search strategies proved to be highly effective in determining the level of third party usage and the relevance to the client’s patent claims. With both patent-to-standards and evidence-of-use searches combined, we were able to accomplish the following:

  • Detailed and comprehensive technical mapping

    Our Patent-to-Standard mapping showed a valuable representation of the client's portfolio and provide key insights to their licensing and monetization strategies.

  • Identified under the radar, valuable patents

    We were able to identify patents that had not been previously considered for licensing or sale, but that had significant value based on their essentiality to specific standards

  • Identified new licensing opportunities

    We were able to identify new IP licensing and monetization opportunities based on evidence-of-use from other companies.

In addition to our own searches, we also reviewed the work done by other search firms that the client engaged who delivered suboptimal results. We provided the client with a more optimized technical mapping aligned with their specifications. The mapping provided a stronger visual representation of how their patent claims are used by third party products and services.

Parola Analytics' technical expertise allowed us to provide a more accurate assessment of the essentiality of the patents to the specific standards, which was a critical factor in determining their value in the licensing market.

Key takeaways

Technical expertise

A deep technical expertise in patent portfolio analysis and patent-to-standards mapping is the top prerequisite in this situation.

Proven track record

Clients should look for patent research providers with a proven track record of success in helping their clients. It becomes more costly to not get the most optimal results the first time.

Collaborative approach and customized solutions

Clients should look for patent research providers who can collaborate and are committed to providing customized solutions. The provider must first understand the client’s unique needs and objectives, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Looking to maximize the value of your patent portfolio?

We can help.

Looking to maximize the value of your patent portfolio?

We can help.

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