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Parola Patent Experts

Our Parola Patent Experts bring with them years of experience from a wide range of industries, technologies and fields of expertise. These Experts include Patent Attorneys, Patent Agents and Patent Consultants who are well-versed in all aspects of patent-related work from prior art search, to patent landscaping and technical analysis just to name a few.

The Mechanical Expert

As a US-registered patent attorney with an MBA and a degree in mechanical engineering, he provides clients with a unique combination of legal, technical, and business advice on their patent strategies.


Aside from his patent practice, this Parola Patent Expert also partly owns two startups, giving him an insider understanding of how startups work through a business owner’s perspective. His mix of legal, technical, and financial professional experiences has helped small companies leverage their patent portfolios, improve their financials, and increase their potential for acquisition.


A patent attorney and a partner at a nationally-ranked intellectual property and litigation law firm, he specializes in patent preparation, prosecution, and litigation. His areas of expertise include software, medical devices, oil and gas, defense, electronics, telecommunications, semiconductors, and turbofan engines. His interest in complex technologies enables him to have a keen understanding of how to help clients leverage their patents in an evolving market space.


"Exactly what we needed!"

“Parola Analytics provided exactly what we needed for our patentability search. They quickly were able to get to the core of the search and provided an easy to understand report for both attorney and client. They are my first call for my searching needs.”
Shawn Diedtrich
Patent Attorney – Prudens Law LLC


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