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The Big 500

A patent attorney with 14 years of law firm experience in patent preparation and prosecution that has worked with Fortune 500 companies. His expertise includes obtaining, licensing, and protecting client trademarks, copyrights, intellectual property rights, and trade secret matters.


Mechanical Engineering, Automotives, Electronics, IP Law

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This Parola Patent Expert has a degree in mechanical engineering and a Juris Doctor and LLM in intellectual property law. He has worked on a broad range of subjects including automotive wheel bearings, packaging and kitchen equipment, networked kiosks, dental tools, and electronic data interchange systems. He has worked with several large clients including a Fortune 500 food and beverage company, a Fortune 500 restaurant chain, and a supplier to a Big Three automaker.


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“Parola Analytics provided exactly what we needed for our patentability search. They quickly were able to get to the core of the search and provided an easy to understand report for both attorney and client. They are my first call for my searching needs.”
Shawn Diedtrich
Patent Attorney – Prudens Law LLC


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