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China seeks to improve patent quality by ending subsidies

China night cityscape

China has been the world leader in patent filings for nine years running. With over 1.4 million applications received in 2019, its performance dwarfs that of innovation hubs like the U.S. and Japan, which in the same year received over 600,000 and 300,000 filings, respectively.

AI and Automation’s Impact on the Future of Jobs: Diametrically Opposed Views

AI claw and human arm about to meet halfway

AI is now being used in many diverse applications including job applicant screening, medical diagnosis, traffic data analysis, advanced materials design, risk assessment, network security monitoring, language translation, and stock market trading. AI-based algorithms have also been shown to be capable of learning and solving problems in some situations when it was not expected to.

Drones in Healthcare

isometric illustration of the pharmacy

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads worldwide and the number of affected individuals continues to grow, the race is on to find a cure for the novel coronavirus. COVID-19 is a strain from the coronavirus family that causes illness from as mild as the common cold to more severe cases such as pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and to the most extreme case, death.

Building an effective IP strategy for AI

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As with many emerging technologies, AI raises interesting and often deeply unsettling fundamental ethical, moral, social, political and privacy issues. However, some questions touch on more practical issues relating to patentability

Mixed reality patents with the highest forward citations

man wearing VR goggles

The number of forward citations (FC) of a patent has been one of the considerations used when assessing the value of a patent or patent portfolio. Patent valuations are conducted for various reasons, for example, as part of due diligence work relating to a possible company merger or acquisition of a company or the patent […]

Parola’s Top 5 Valentine’s Day Patents

cover photo for "Top 5 valentine's day patents"

Having problems finding a date this Valentine’s? Finding a hard time deciding what to give to your special someone? Don’t be dismayed! Our top 5 patents will help you find that perfect match for a romantic candle light dinner or that one-of-a-kind gift that will surely make this Valentine’s Day extra special.

Top Tech Version_2018: Promises and Challenges

illustrations inside circle icons

These are heady times. The recent years have been very productive in terms of scientific and technological advance. After so many decades, we’re no longer talking about the ascendance or preeminence of just one field such as biology, physics, chemistry, computer science, or engineering. Everything is now more tightly interwoven and interdependent. An advance in one field is almost certain to push other fields forward in significant ways.

Magic Leap reveals AR glasses; Here’s a snapshot of their patents

cover imag efor magic leap one

This week, Magic Leap unveiled its first augmented reality (AR) goggles, Magic Leap One. The announcement comes three years after it promised to release a software development kit. On December 20th, the Florida-based mixed reality startup announced that it will release an SDK in early 2018, with the hardware projected to be ready to  ship […]

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