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Parola’s Top 5 Valentine’s Day Patents

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February 12, 2018

Having problems finding a date this Valentine’s? Finding a hard time deciding what to give to your special someone? Don’t be dismayed! Our top 5 patents will help you find that perfect match for a romantic candle light dinner or that one-of-a-kind gift that will surely make this Valentine’s Day extra special.


1. Relationship Prediction System

This invention takes advantage of a person’s genetic and personal characteristics to find an ideal love match through an online dating service. By means of your odor, tissue, or fluid sample, you can potentially meet the love of your life! Not only that, you can also purchase customized perfumes to attract your ideal mate.

2. System and method for a dating game of love and marriage

This patent “heavenly” identifies your perfect match based on celestial love or marriage indicators by means of calculating the angular differences between positions of certain celestial bodies! A user can also search a database of prospective partners and be guided with love and marriage indicators.

3. Valentine Pillow

Not spending this Valentine’s day with your special someone? Worry no more. This Valentine Pillow may be the best option for you. Two interactive light pillows serve as a means for you and your loved one to communicate with each other. You can easily select your pre-programmed actions from simple gestures e.g. hugging, sending patterns or images, playing music to complex activities such as calling. With this, you are certain that there would be two less lonely people in the world.

4. Love degree diagnostic device, love degree diagnostic system and computer program

This Japanese patent uses a love index diagnosis system to determine the romance degree based on the subject’s brain waves. This system diagnoses the degree of love the person has for another and what’s interesting is that it also measures your degree of love for yourself!


5. Method for recommending dormant matching mate based on psychological traits

While this invention caters mainly to the Chinese community, it can still be an avenue for a person to look for ideal matches based on their psychological traits. This Chinese patent recommends potential partners based on a match model determined on the users’ psychological features and the unique dating rules in Chinese culture.


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