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Weekly Patent Insights: United Technologies enters the top 10; Accenture gets a patent on blockchain

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October 31, 2018

Here are the highlights on granted patents last week, October 17–23:

  • In terms of non-US assignee countries, Japan still leads with 820 granted patents.
  • United Tech enters the Top 10 assignees with the most patents granted

As for patents granted to non-US based companies, most went to Japan, followed closely by Germany and Korea.

Parola Top Patents

We also looked at the notable patents that were granted in the week of October 17–23.

10099044 | Ultrasound mediated delivery with critical-organ protection | Philips
Philips was recently granted a patent disclosing a drug delivery apparatus that selectively transports chemotherapy agents to intended cancer site. Because this invention makes use of energy beam, protecting critical organs such as the heart while or after inducing chemotherapy is addressed.

10110576 | Distributed key secret for rewritable blockchain | Accenture
A rewritable blockchain? This system from Accenture includes circuitry for rewriting blockchains in a non-tamper-evident or tamper-evident operation using a key secret held in portions by multiple individually untrusted parties.

10109108 | Finding new points by render rather than search in augmented or virtual reality systems | Magic Leap
Magic Leap’s patent seeks to improve the augmented reality environments of users by determining a set of new map points using an earlier captured set of map points from the real world.

10111070 | Embedded internet of things (IOT) hub slot for an appliance and associated systems and methods | Afero, Inc.
Afero’s patent is on an Internet of Things (IoT) interface slot for an appliance to build an IoT hub. The platform may be used by developers to design and build new IoT devices and applications.

1010520 | Toothbrush with automatic detection of brushing angle | Philips
Have you ever wondered whether you are brushing your teeth correctly? Philips’ invention is on a power toothbrush structured to detect brushing angle and provide feedback to the user based on the brushing force detected.

10108984 | Detecting body language via bone conduction | AT&T
As they say, body language is better in conveying emotions than facial expressions. This device by AT&T is used to detect body language via bone conduction!

10109783 | Rear tray for vehicle having energy harvesting elements | Hyundai
Energy generation on the go: a patent from Hyundai discloses a rear tray for a vehicle with structures having energy harvesting elements from friction force, solar energy, and the driving vibration of the vehicle.

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