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Weekly Patent Insights: Oculus has new patents on AR/VR; Cerner gets new patent on predictive models for glucose trends

November 13, 2018
bar graphs about weekly top patent insights

  • The past week (October 31-November) in patents showed that Samsung has taken the lead over IBM in terms of the number of patents granted.
  • Top industries remain in Consumer Electronics and Computer Manufacturing.
  • Japan leads in terms of non-US assignee country, followed by Korea and Germany.

Parola Top Patents

We looked at the granted patents from October 31 to November 6 and here are our top patents:

10123199 | Trip anomaly detection system | Uber
A new security system by Uber will detect anomalies in the trip direction and alert both driver and passenger.

10118593 | Police vehicle monitor | Ford
A new system for police vehicles that will increase security and accessibility by using wearables to track officer location.

10121297 | Vision-based fare collection | Cubic Corporation
This vision-based system will detect your face and determine if you’ve paid your fare — providing an easier and ticketless commute.

10120945 | Content relevance in a social networking system using quality controlled human raters | Facebook, Inc.
With this content-relevance check, fake or sensationalized content can now be detected in social media platforms.

10120442 | Eye tracking using a light field camera on a head-mounted display | Oculus VR
A better control system for VR head-mounted displays can be achieved by detecting the eye location and direction using plenoptic cameras.

10120193 | Geometric phase lens alignment in an augmented reality head mounted display | Oculus VR
Oculus VR’s new patent is geared towards the continuous improvement of HMDs. The patent discloses a solution to vergence-accommodation conflict of AR HMD systems via geometric phase lens.

10121190 | System and method of sharing an augmented environment with a companion | Capital One Services, LLC
It can now be possible to share an experience with a friend or loved-one far-away with this AR/VR system.

10120979 | Predicting glucose trends for population management | Cerner
Cerner’s patent discloses a predictive model based on multiple patients and multiple venues to identify persons at risk for abnormal glucose levels.


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