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#ParolaTopPatent: IBM leads in patents granted, Intel gains new patent on new Bluetooth pairing method

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October 15, 2018

IBM constantly leads in terms of patents granted (October 2-9), followed by closely by Samsung. The rest of the top 10 assignees, Canon, Intel, LG, Amazon, Ford, Qualcomm, Apple, and Toyota are almost on equal footing this week.

In terms of non-US assignee countries, Japan leads with 897 patents granted.

We also looked at some notable patents granted this week:

10096263 | In-vehicle tutorial | Ford
Ford’s recently granted patent offers digital help to drivers by incorporating the operating manuals in the display panel of the vehicle. Your car might have some extra features you didn’t know that would make your life in traffic easier.

10092778 | Treatment device and a treatment system | Philips
In radiation therapy, especially in cancer patients, it is important to place the radiation source to a predetermined position within the body to ensure maximum effect. In Philips’ latest patent, they addressed this by making an elongated body which is optimal for implanting such that it is easy to position in the body.

10096044 | System and method for targeted advertising | AT&T
Targeted advertisement is disclosed in AT&T’s latest patent. Their patent enables ads to be curated based on conversations of a group of people via a speech recognition device. This makes advertising more cost efficient and less annoying for customers since marketing materials being shown to them are likely within their interests.

10094513 | Quick release bite mount | GoPro, Inc
We all want to capture moments and adventures. This patent from GoPro provides a way of capturing those moments that are very much alike from our perspective. The patent discloses a mounting tool for an action camera that can be bitten from the mouth so the shots are close to the user’s point of view.

10093267 | Crash pad for vehicle having integrated airbag door and housing and method of manufacturing the same | Hyundai
Airbags save lives! In Hyundai’s latest patent, the airbag is integrated to a crash pad which may enhance its deployment performance during a detected accident.

10098090 | Dynamic muting of communication notifications | WhatsApp
Annoyed by standard notifications? WhatsApp’s new patent will allow users to mute or customize the notifications of messages or group chats.

10097972 | Apparatus for signaling circle of friends | Proxifinity, Inc.
Too shy to talk to somebody in a party? This patent will ping your mobile device with people within the vicinity that share your interest.

10097948 | Point-and-connect Bluetooth pairing | Intel Corporation
A faster and simpler Bluetooth connection can be achieved using Intel’s new patent. Just point and connect!

The Bluetooth ID which is to be transmitted to pair Bluetooth devices poses a security risk. In the new patent pairing security is enhanced due to proximity, line-of-sight, and other characteristics of signal-based initiation. The user device also reduces battery drain because it does not need to constantly broadcast its presence.

10097814 | Fire monitoring system | Robert Bosh GmbH
This fire monitoring system can detect fires as early as possible and can communicate the exact location where it started.

10097750 | Controlling the focus of a camera using focus statistics | Imagination Technologies Limited
Picture Perfect! This new patent from Imagination Technologies promises to improve the quality of focused images by implementing statistical computation to obtain better qualities such as contrast.

10097687 | Nuisance call detection device and method | Fujitsu Limited
This new patent from Fujitsu will be able to detect voices in telephone calls and use it to identify nuisance calls. The device stores and analyzes voice signal in order to detect nuisance calls.

10097677 | Explosion proof assembly | Xciel, Inc.
Be fully protected with this new casing that can keep you safe from exploding gadgets.

10096264 | Tactile interface for visually impaired | Lenovo (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
This patent from Lenovo will ensure further mobility for the visually impaired with their Braille panel for touch screen gadgets.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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