Parola’s Top 5 Christmas Patents

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Parola Top Patents

USD784187S1 | Dog Themed Christmas Stockings | Hearth Hounds, LLC
The design for these boxer stockings is in the shape of different breeds of dogs. Perfect for dog-lovers celebrating Christmas with their furry companions!

US20130307180A1 | Snowman making device | Anthony Klaves

Making snowmen is a lot harder than it seems but these snowman spheres disclosed in this patent, aim to make things easier. Roll them in snow to make the right-sized snowballs, stack them on top of each other, put the proper accessories, and you have the perfect snowman.

US20150273100A1 | Fragrance emitting snow globe assembly | Belle-Aire Fragrances Inc.
Snow globes already contain majestic sceneries that draw people in. This snow globe assembly seeks to enhance such sceneries by emitting the right fragrance to compliment its display. Best of all, both the globe and fragrance are interchangeable, allowing for different themes all year round.

US20130021788A1 |Personal Energy Christmas Ornaments | Willard Alan Mayes
Want to literally capture your Christmas spirit? Carry this Christmas ornament with you as you walk around to charge the battery contained within, infusing it with your own ‘personal spirit’. It doesn’t get more personal than that. Oh, it can also charge your electronic devices.

USD800603S1 | Santa drone | Trintec Industries, Inc
It may be hard to believe Santa Claus travels around the world by reindeers pulling a sleigh. Then how about sleigh carried by a drone?! Well, they do say Santa Claus is always watching you.