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New patents: Microsoft on AI, Covidien’s AR surgical environment, and Falcon’s AR/VR theme park ride

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December 21, 2018

Patents granted from December 5–11 2018 show that:

  • Japan consistently comes in second to the US in terms of number of patents per assignee country.
  • Japan’s leading assignees are Canon, Toshiba, and Sony among others.
  • Germany lands fourth in the top assignee countries. The top assignees in Germany are Robert Bosh, Siemens, and BASF.

Overall, Samsung still tops the list with 132 patents.

Parola Top Patents

10154191 | Emotional/cognitive state-triggered recording | Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC
Microsoft’s newest patent describes the creation of video segments based on a change in the emotional or cognitive state of a user. This technology aims to automatically capture meaningful moments even before the user realizes it.

10151927 | Virtual reality and augmented reality head set for ride vehicle | Falcon’s Treehouse LLC
VR and AR are coming to your most-loved theme parks. This newest patent by Falcon’s Treehouse aims to enhance rider experience by projecting virtual images on a headset worn by a rider as he moves along a pathway. The rider may also simultaneously view real world images and virtual overlaid onto real-world images.

10152789 | Augmented surgical reality environment | Covidien
Augmented reality has conquered new frontiers in medicine through this invention. Covidien’s newest patent relates to augmenting a clinician’s field of vision while performing surgery. With the use of this, locating different sized arteries within tissues can be minimally invasive.

10149566 | Appliance for preparing food | Philips
Automatic cooking appliance just got reinvented! Philips’ newest patent relates to an appliance for preparing food that is capable of perfect heating and stirring. It is of simple design to ensure convenience of cleaning after use.

10149439 | LED grow light system | Spectra Harvest Lighting, LLC
A lighting system for plant growth is disclosed by the patent. LEDs are optimized by the invention to provide conversion of electrical energy to light energy efficiently. In addition, wavelengths of light necessary for plant growth is utilized.

10150257 | System and method for reducing three-dimensional additive manufacturing production time | B9 Creations
B9CREATIONS has pulled out all the stops with their newest patent. A rapid and efficient additive manufacturing process is realized by using a device processor that determines a lift speed and a speed schedule of a manufactured part.

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