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New patents: IBM’s drones for faulty vehicles, Apple’s privacy screens

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January 21, 2019


  • IBM leads in the first week of 2019, with 221 patents granted.
  • 3 Japanese companies enter the top 10 assignees, while Google fails to make it to the list.
  • Japan remains as the top non-US assignee country. Sony is the leading Japanese assignee with 48 patents granted this week, followed closely by Canon, Toshiba, Seiko and Toyota.


Parola Top Patents

Here are our Top Patents granted in January 2–8, 2019.

US 10,173,776 | Aerial drone for deploying a warning sign | IBM
IBM’s latest patent is on aerial drones that deploy warning signs for faulty vehicles. A processor assesses environmental conditions at the location of the faulty vehicle for optimal positioning. The invention may be implemented using cloud computing as a model of service delivery.

US 10,176,781 | Ambient display adaptation for privacy screens | Apple

Apple’s newest patent is equipped with sensors to collect information about the ambient conditions in the environment of a viewer of a display device. This way, when the device is in private mode, the display screen may also be adjusted in response to the privacy element identification mechanism.

US 10,176,547 | Device and method for controlling incoming video stream while driving | Alcatel Lucent
Alcatel Lucent’s patent enables the user to have a video conference call while driving. The invention takes the driver’s safety into consideration. The status of the vehicle while driven by the user is communicated. If the status is safe, the invention enables the display of the video stream and the driver can have a video conference while driving safely.

US 10,178,291 | Obtaining information from an environment of a user of a wearable camera system | OrCam Technologies Ltd.
Lifelogging devices have gone small and light. OrCam’s latest patent discloses a wearable apparatus that captures information related to objects identified in an environment of a user. The invention can also identify triggers presented in the information to perform an action to the user.

US 10,176,513 | Using gestures and expressions to assist users | Amazon
Amazon’s latest patent takes a big leap forward in the e-commerce business by automating user assistance in inventory locations. The system detects macroexpressions (e.g. walking up and down) or microexpressions of the user, to provide assistance when locating an inventory item. The assistance may be provided in the form of audible, visual or haptic information.

US 10,174,222 | Flexible display device and method for preparing hard coating polymer of same | Samsung
This patent from Samsung discloses a flexible display device. The hard coating layer of the flexible display device may include long cross-linking oligomers that improve the flexibility of the hard coating layer. In addition, the damage to the hard coating layer may be reduced when the flexible display is bent.

US 10,176,710 | Configuring 

universal remote control device for appliances based on correlation of received infrared signals and detected appliance events | Google
A self-learning universal remote control system is Google’s newest contribution to the smart home technologies. The patent discloses a detection and reception of appliance events functionality to easily configure the remote for the management of multiple devices e.g. washing machine, television.

US 10,175,754 | Touch glove and smart wearable system | BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.
The patent provides a touch glove and a smart wearable system. Controlling the smart device can be achieved by only making one part of the touch glove touch another without direct contact to the smart device. Also, a plurality of smart devices can be integrated to the touch glove and control of these smart devices can be achieved by moving the fingers instead of the whole arm.

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