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Ford seeks patent for clear N95 masks that allow human expression

An image showing a sample of the ford masks

Of all the negatives brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps the most understated is its impact on human communication. Even in cases where some establish close contact amid quarantine measures, mandates to wear face masks manage to hamper people’s ability to express themselves.

AI and Automation’s Impact on the Future of Jobs: Diametrically Opposed Views

AI claw and human arm about to meet halfway

AI is now being used in many diverse applications including job applicant screening, medical diagnosis, traffic data analysis, advanced materials design, risk assessment, network security monitoring, language translation, and stock market trading. AI-based algorithms have also been shown to be capable of learning and solving problems in some situations when it was not expected to.

Building an effective IP strategy for AI

interconnected lines with a cityscape background

As with many emerging technologies, AI raises interesting and often deeply unsettling fundamental ethical, moral, social, political and privacy issues. However, some questions touch on more practical issues relating to patentability

Alice Must Be Revisited In View Of Emerging Technologies

light painting in circles

The increasing convergence of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, robotics and other emerging technologies are expected to generate various novel legal issues that
courts will soon have to grapple with, e.g., the issue of patentability of AI-generated inventions. With the breakneck pace at which technological advances are being generated and broadly adopted, the courts should expect to be asked to address those issues soon and to provide helpful guidelines for dealing with them. Otherwise, the courts risk engendering legal roadblocks or uncertainties that could significantly curb technological breakthroughs and the growth of commerce.

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