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Enhancing visual experiences with AI

ai display technology

Display devices have become more complex as technology has progressed. Not only has the resolution of displays vastly increased due to the number of pixels per inch, but the screens themselves have also evolved from simple flat panels. From unconventional shapes, such as curved lenses, to dynamic sizes, such as foldable displays, it has become […]

Get Set for Ready Player One: A Look at Virtual Reality’s Future

poster of ready player one

The year is 2045, and virtual reality is everywhere. People don headsets to log in to a virtual world called “Oasis”. Oasis provides an escape from reality, which can be in the form of a virtual vacation to an exotic place, a cyber casino the size of a planet, or any virtual game imaginable. This is the setting of the award-winning book, Ready Player One, which is now adapted for screenplay by Steven Spielberg. The story follows Wade Watts under the alias Parzival as he plays the game set up by the creator of Oasis before he died. The objective of the game is to solve clues and gain keys to ultimately win the rights to Oasis. Whoever gets Oasis gets control of the whole world. With the help of his cyber friends, Art3mis, Aech, Daito and Sho, they solve the clues together while fighting the behemoth company, IOI, for Oasis.

Mixed reality patents with the highest forward citations

man wearing VR goggles

The number of forward citations (FC) of a patent has been one of the considerations used when assessing the value of a patent or patent portfolio. Patent valuations are conducted for various reasons, for example, as part of due diligence work relating to a possible company merger or acquisition of a company or the patent […]

Magic Leap’s Little-Known Side: Focus on Healthcare

illustration of VR glasses

After announcing its first commercial product prototype last December 2017, Magic Leap was reported to have finally begun shipping its augmented reality (AR) headsets to a select group of software developers by the end of March this year. More than a week earlier, it also released its software development kit (SDK) to developers. The SDK is designed for its operating system called Lumin OS.3

Magic Leap’s Newly-Introduced Lightwear Mixed Reality Headgear

VR accessories

Magic Leap, after much hoopla and protracted anticipation that later turned into doubts for some, has finally publicly introduced what appeared to be its first commercial product prototype last Dec. 20, 2017. Its CEO and founder, Rony Abovitz, refused to specify a release date or price, but he said the first product version will be available this year.

Top Tech Version_2018: Promises and Challenges

illustrations inside circle icons

These are heady times. The recent years have been very productive in terms of scientific and technological advance. After so many decades, we’re no longer talking about the ascendance or preeminence of just one field such as biology, physics, chemistry, computer science, or engineering. Everything is now more tightly interwoven and interdependent. An advance in one field is almost certain to push other fields forward in significant ways.

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