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CapitalOne files for sincerity-aware chatbots

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April 26, 2023

With the launch of ChatGPT last November 2022, artificial intelligence (AI) tools became available to everyone, including those who do not have programming expertise. This chatbot’s appeal lies in its ability to analyze ordinary human language and translate this language into commands that a machine can understand. This process of analyzing human language is called natural language processing (NLP) and it has become an integral part of AI technology.

In this article, we explore patents and patent applications related to NLP. The CapitalOne patent application aims to resolve ”ethical issues associated with insincerity-capable” chatbots. The Apttus patent makes it possible to make database queries using natural language. The Bull patent application aims to automate the interview process for selecting candidates for a job position.


Capital One

Sincerity-Aware Artificial Intelligence-Based Conversational Agents

US 2023/0099604 was filed on September 27, 2021 by Capital One Services LLC. Capital One is the sixth-largest bank in the US and has been known for using technology to grow their credit card business. In 2018, the company created a chatbot for their associates to address questions about internal tools and processes. This patent application can further extend their chatbot’s capability by adding sincerity awareness in the chatbot’s algorithm.

The sincerity aware chatbot disclosed in this patent application processes a user’s natural language chat input and creates its own possible response based on the user’s input. What makes this chatbot unique is its ability to evaluate the truth value of its possible responses. If the chatbot is in sincerity mode, the chatbot outputs all possible responses generated for the user’s input. Conversely, an insincere mode gives the option to modify or withhold the responses to the user.

An insincere chatbot is counterintuitive but it has its uses. For example, the answer to a query may involve confidential information. In this case, it will be best to withhold sensitive information to protect the company’s interest. Queries that may compromise the security of a business may also benefit from an insincere chatbot by providing misleading information to avoid security breaches.

A financial services company such as Capital One collects client data from its clients, which necessitates its safeguarding. While a chatbot serves as an economical option to address frequently asked questions, it must differentiate between confidential and non-confidential information. Companies of this nature will greatly benefit from chatbots with sincerity awareness capabilities to augment their initial security measures.


Apttus Corporation

System, Method, And Computer Program For Converting A Natural Language Query To A Nested Database Query

U.S. Patent No. 11,615,080 was filed on April 3, 2020 and was granted on March 28, 2023 to Apttus Corporation (more commonly known as Conga). Conga is a software solutions provider for business operations, finance, legal operations, procurement and sales. This company is known for their document generator software (Conga Composer) which can be used for generating reports based on data pulled from a database.

Typically, database queries require knowledge of the commands and syntax in the search fields so that the machine can understand the user’s instructions. One of the challenges that database users face is constructing complex queries that involve nested queries. These types of queries can be prone to errors and require careful planning.

This patent provides a semi-automated approach that simplifies the process by allowing a database user to use natural language as input. A machine learning algorithm is then used to analyze the input to determine the intent of the query as well as the entities that can be identified from the natural language. Further processing yields a translation of the natural language input into a query in database format which are then executed to pull data from the database.

The Conga Composer already has a Query Builder which requires a user to select options from a drop down menu. With this invention, the Query Builder can become a more intuitive tool in pulling data from a database. With the method provided by the patent, even database users with limited experience can now construct complex queries with greater ease and fewer errors.



Automated Interview Apparatus and Method Using Telecommunication Networks

US 2023/0095952 was filed on September 23, 2022 by Bull SAS (now Bull Atos Technologies), a French enterprise data firm. Among the products offered are conversational bots which leverage AI technology.

This patent application brings the conversational bot to a higher level by automating the interview process for selecting candidates for a job position. This automated method is most useful as a first filter in selecting candidates for an open job position.

For popular open job positions, recruiters may find themselves sifting through hundreds of job applications to handpick applicants that may be best suited for the job. These shortlisted candidates are then interviewed one-by-one to weed out less qualified applicants.

Conventional methods require a recruiter to do this manually. This patent application makes this task easier by allowing a machine to create a shortlist of candidates by analyzing and comparing the applicants’ submitted personal data with the job description. The machine also initiates and conducts phone interviews with the candidates with a sequence of questions stored in a database.

Candidate responses, which are in natural language, are automatically evaluated based on word articulation, correct grammar, and language fluency. A further value of this method is the ability of the machine to determine fraudulent candidates through face and voice verifications.

Recruitment is a crucial aspect of any business, and the process can be time-consuming and challenging. This patent application not only streamlines the interview process but also ensures a more objective evaluation of candidates. If granted, this patent application may eventually translate into another digital solution that Bull SAS can add to its list of services.

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