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Samsung gains new patent on 5G, and see who gets a patent on identifying propaganda on social media

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December 5, 2018

  • Samsung and IBM are consistently the top recipients of patents this past week.
  • China’s BOE Technology Group joins the top assignees, placing 3rd with 94 patents
  • Japan still gets the largest share of patents, second to the US.
  • And with top assignees such as Samsung and IBM,

Parola Top Patents

10142079 | Method and apparatus for managing contention window in wireless communication system | Samsung
Samsung’s forward thinking lands them a 5G-related patent relating to communication schemes for combining 5th-generation (5G) communication systems with internet of things (IoT) technology to support higher data transmission rate as post-4th-generation (post-4G) systems and systems for the same.

10142374 | Device pairing techniques using digital watermarking | Google
Conference meetings are made more convenient by detecting digital watermarks of devices wishing to participate in a conference session. Such mechanism eliminates the need to manually configure multiple devices in a conference call which can be time consuming.

10137836 | Vehicle vision system | Geo Semiconductor, Inc.
A vision system that reduces the amount of blindspots while driving a car using numerous wide-angle cameras to project a complete image of the surrounding environment.

10138646 | Submerged robot with learning capabilities | Maytronics Ltd.
An underwater robot described by this patent traverses the bottom of a pool, bringing along a suction tube that cleans and filters the water allowing all portions of the pool to be reached.

10137969 | Face mask with mount for imaging device | Sport Dimension
Hands-free underwater photography with this patent that describes a diving mask with a detachable mount for an underwater camera.

10140289 | Identifying propaganda in global social media | Galisteo Consulting Group
This patents seeks to stamp out the abuse of social media for the purposes of promoting biased propaganda which can have effect on national interests. The patent discloses the use of “information space”, a concept derived from the Russian strategic doctrine on information warfare, along with unsupervised multilingual machine learning.

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