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Parola’s Top 5 Christmas Patents

December 22, 2017

From a Santa Claus detector to a reindeer feeding kit, the Christmas season is not spared from inventions ranging from weird to wonderful. Our compilation of top Christmas patents just shows that there are some who don’t just dream it, they patent it! Or at least they try.

Parola Analytics extends everyone a season of joy and continued success in 2018!

1.  Santa Claus Detector

Santa Clause Detector patent
A device in the form of a Christmas stocking hung by the fireplace (i.e., where Santa enters) having illumination means signaling the arrival of Santa Claus. This provides young children reassurance that their good behavior has in fact been rewarded by Santa Claus.


2.  Santa’s Reindeer Food Kit

Santa's Reindeer Food Kit
Don’t let Santa’s reindeer lose their energy. Feed them! This invention provides a kit for supplying food to Rudolph and his friends. It even allows you to monitor if they liked what you gave them.


3.  Mistletoe Supporting Headband

Mistletoe supporting headband patent
This is a granted patent and  perhaps the craftiest way to get in a sure kiss on Christmas Eve. Why wait around the mistletoe, when you can have your own mistletoe with you, always. The invention includes a unique headband device to support a fresh piece of mistletoe in front of the wearer’s head.


4. Santa Claus Visit Kit

Santa Claus visit kit patent
Want your kids to believe in the magic of Santa Claus? This Christmas invention comprises a kit that creates an illusion that Santa Claus has visited the house. It comes with devices to create boot prints to mark a “trail” supposedly left by Santa.


5. Pop-up Christmas Tree

Pop-up Christmas Tree patentA Christmas tree that can automatically pop up from a flat pancake shape to a fully deployed and decorated tree at the push of button. It also consists of an electronic audio device that can play Christmas songs!





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