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Parola Top Patents: New patents on surgical robots, cloud networks and cloud-based services

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November 28, 2018

  • Samsung has the most patents granted for the period of November 7–13.
  • Computer manufacturing remains the leading industry in terms of patenting activity.

Parola Top Patents

10123844 | Software center and highly configurable robotic systems for surgery and other uses | Intuitive Surgical
Improved surgical manipulators for minimally invasive surgeries are presented in this patent by Intuitive Surgical. The manipulators have more degrees of freedom and redundant degrees of freedom which allows them to have a wider range of configurations. Moreover, a system to inhibit manipulator collision is also installed. Ideally, these advantages are provided without increasing the size and costs of these systems.

10123842 | Surgical robotic cart immobilizer | Covidien LP
The combination of mobile and arm robots has improved the surgical systems especially in minimally invasive surgical procedures. This patent by Covidien discloses another feature to improve these robots: an immobilizer to stabilize the operation of surgical robots. This immobilizer locks the robot to its ideal position during minimally invasive procedures. This invention greatly improves the accuracy, precision, and speed of the said procedures.

10124494 | Coordinated water environment mobile robots | Saudi Arabian Oil Co
Inspection of underwater pipelines and structures are made easier by the robots disclosed in patent, which are configured to cooperate with one another. The robots support each other by having a stabilization system to balance underwater structures in contact with them.

10129177 | Inter-cloud broker for hybrid cloud networks | Cisco
Several private or public cloud data centers interoperate to provide services to various applications. These interoperating cloud data centers are referred to as “hybrid” cloud. Hybrid clouds offers numerous advantages but is too complex to operate. To make tasks easier, Cisco’s patent provides a cloud broker gateway which orchestrates and coordinates securing cloud resources. This cloud broker gateway interfaces cloud services provider with the enterprise network to provide access to one or more computing resources.

10129330 | Attachment of cloud services to big data services | IBM
Cloud-based services have provided several benefits such as flexibility, capital-expenditure free, improved security, and more efficient document control. As more companies avail cloud-based services while enjoying its benefits, the demand increases rapidly which introduces problems with the amount of data involved. This patent provides an integration of cloud-based services to nearby big data services provider. This approach removes the concerns over latency and bandwidth.

10127196 | Systems and methods for managing notes | 3M
Need to prepare digital files for your next corporate strategy planning session? This patent from 3M is on a mobile device comprising a sensor to produce image data containing a visual representation of physical notes, each of the physical notes comprising separate physical objects, a processor, and at least one module.

10123588 | Footwear ground engaging members having concave portions | Nike
Need improved traction for your next soccer game? This patent from Nike discloses improved sole structure systems for multi-directional traction, facilitating overall agility. The present invention relates generally to a sole structure for an article of footwear and, more particularly, to configurations of ground engaging members.

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