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Last week on patents: New VR patent by Oculus, and Samsung’s patent on holographic technology

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December 13, 2018

  • Samsung continues to lead in patent grants from the USPTO from November 28- December 4.
  • A new assignee, EMC IP enters the top 10, going almost at the same level as Intel.
  • Patenting activity remains largely active on Consumer Electronics, Computer Manufacturing, and Semiconductors.
  • Japan still leads in the top non-US assignee country, with Canon, Toshiba, and Sony as its top 3 patent recipients.

Parola Top Patents

10149167 | Mobile device locking | IBM
This patent shows a different way of unlocking mobile devices by using the resonance frequency to determine if the mobile device is placed in a secured surface or location. No need to use fingerprint, iris or facial scan. Just place your phone in a surface and it will automatically unlock.

10149155 | Authentication method for a passenger and corresponding software | Lufthansa Technik AG

This patent discusses a faster and simpler passenger authentication process by incorporating the boarding pass and all aircraft access rights in one message that is directly sent to the passenger’s device.

10147340 | Simulation module | Boston Scientific
This patent discusses a technique in testing medical devices such as renal nerve ablation generator by connecting the device to a simulation module over a communication network. This is to ensure that the impedance level of the device is within the standards.

10146181 |Apparatus and method for displaying holographic three-dimensional image | Samsung
This patent discusses a holographic projector that uses an adjustable image segmenter and light modulator to create a full 3D effect.

10146262 | Apparatus, systems, and methods for detachable head-mounted-display strap interfaces | Oculus VR
An improved gaming experience is obtained with this next gen head-mounted display wherein you can attach gaming/electronic accessories.

10143926 | Changing a virtual world based on real-world locations of players | Zynga Inc.
Gaming environment is usually already set, the virtual world is already designed pre-play. In Zynga’s patent, it discloses a changing virtual world which is dependent on the location of the players. The actual distance of each player to each other is used as well as the social network of the user to be able to generate a virtual world.

10147324 | Providing user assistance in a vehicle based on traffic behavior models | Toyota Research Institute
This new patent from Toyota discloses the user assistant in an autonomous vehicle that includes a prediction model for traffic behavior using data from the various sensors included in the vehicle. Depending on the traffic behavior, the system is able to assist the user on where to maneuver the vehicle

10143324 | Heating cooker provided with cooking container | Panasonic
Microwave ovens are already a household staple, it’s every busy people’s best friend when in need of a hot meal in seconds. Panasonic’s new patentimproves the microwave oven further by adding a steam generator to the oven. Through the use of microwaves and steam, improved flavor and fast cooking is achieved.

10146227 | Driving assistance apparatus | Fujitsu
Driving out of your garage will always involve the same movement of the vehicle except when the are new obstructions. This new patent from Fujitsu Ten discloses an in-vehicle driving assistance apparatus which enables a driver to automate vehicle garage leaving and is also able to determine if there is an abnormality encountered as a safety feature.

10143758 | Liver specific delivery of messenger RNA | Translate Bio, Inc.
Intracellular delivery of messenger RNA is disclosed in Translate Bio’s patent. The liver specific delivery of mRNA is able to correct genetic defects and other diseases such as cancer.

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