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Japan, Korea, and Germany remain as top patent recipients in the US— what are they patenting?

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March 1, 2019

A closer look at the past week’s patent recipients shows that Japan still comes in second in the list of top patent recipients from the USPTO. Japan’s top companies who are patenting in the US are Canon, Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic and Epson.

South Korea ranks third, with its main tech giant leading the pack. LG, Hyundai, and ETRI join Samsung in the top 5.

Germany’s top patent recipient remains to be Siemens, followed by BASF, Bosch, Infineon and SAP.

Parola Top Patents

We also looked at the top patents granted in the past week feb 13 – 19 2019.

US 10,211,682 | Systems and methods for controlling operation of a transmitter of a wireless power network based on user instructions received from an authenticated computing device powered or charged by a receiver of the wireless power network | Energous Corporation

Energous’ patent discloses a wireless power network including a wireless power manager application. The application enables the user to customize power transfer among multiple devices, includes user information together with the user’s registered devices, and may also schedule the charging of these devices.

US 10,212,480 | Method, apparatus and computer program product for switching television channels | HTC Corporation
HTC’s patent discloses an application that allows the user to switch television channels using a mobile phone. It also enables to switch channels of a plurality of TV at the same time. Aside from switching channels, other options for controlling the TV is also available through the app.

US 10,210,723 | Wearable ultrasonic sensors with haptic signaling for blindside risk detection and notification | AT&T Intellectual Property I, L.P. (Atlanta, GA) AT&T Mobility II LLC (Atlanta, GA)
The wearable sensors which are disclosed in AT&T’s patent uses ultrasonic signals which can be used in tracking objects or anything that requires monitored movement. The user of the apparatus is provided with haptic signals upon detection of an object. The use of ultrasonic wave also enables the sensors to be configured to release directional waves.

US 10,211,426 | Rollable display device | Samsung Display Co., Ltd.
Samsung’s rollable display device patent is a display unit composed of flexible thin films. The rollable display device should be easily carried and stored and is tubular in shape when rolled.

US 10,210,492 | Beverage holder having a chip unit for performing payment transactions | VISA U.S.A. INC.S 10,204,611 | Toilet seat which dispenses ultrasound gel and performs an ultrasound analysis of a user’s thigh | David R. Hall, Dan Allen, Ben Swenson, Justin R. Robinson
A new mode of payment is presented in Visa’s patent. A chip associated to a user’s financial account is placed on a reusable beverage container and can be used for payment transactions much like using a credit card.



US 10,209,085 | Safe routing for navigation systems | Uber Technologies, Inc.
Uber’s patent discloses a safe routing for navigation systems. Aside from the usual traffic condition data, user safety preferences, trip data, safety data, driver ability data, third-party safety data, map data, and road safety data are used to generate route selections.

US 10,207,192 | Instrument game system and method | Ubisoft Entertainment
A game

system is disclosed in Ubisoft’s patent. The game system employs the use of melodic instruments as game controllers. Any melodic instrument such as a bass, violin, banjo, piano, and a guitar, can be used as long as it can be connected to the personal computer. The instrument is played by the user to be able to play the game.

US 10,211,349 | Solar cell contact formation using laser ablation | SunPower Corporation
Solar cells are very brittle materials and are very hard to manufacture. In SunPower’s patent, a method for forming solar cell contact openings using laser ablation is disclosed. This method employs the use of advanced lasers with ultra short pulse lengths and short wavelength light which minimizes laser-induced damage.

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