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IBM secures 275 patents; Xiaomi receives a patent on controlling UAVs

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March 18, 2019


  • IBM still remains as the US frontrunner, receiving 275 patents this week.
  • Samsung comes in second with 177 patents, with most of its patents classified under G09G 2300/0426 (Layout of electrodes and connections).
  • Google comes in at the 10th spot with 49 patents, five of which are classified under G06F 16/9535 (Search customization based on user profiles and personalization)

Here’s an overview of the top assignee countries:

South Korea


Parola Top Patents

We looked at the patents granted from February 27– March 5 and here are the patents that topped our list:

US 10,223,924 | Methods and devices for controlling unmanned aerial vehicle | Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co Ltd

Xiaomi’s new patent is on controlling unmanned aerial vehicles based on meteorological data. Meteorological hazard index is computed in a current location to determine the flight hazard level of the UAV. Once the flight hazard represents a level where the UAV cannot fly safely, the UAV shifts to an emergency flight state or a take-off suspended state.

US 10,225,695 | Smart playable device and charging systems and methods | Play Impossible Corp.
This invention by Play Impossible Corp. introduces a new way of interacting with classic toys. It makes use of sensors to track speed, spin, height etc. and transmit these data to a computing device. Rapid powering circuits are also included for remote charging!

US 10,223,681 | Veterinary kiosk with integrated veterinary medical devices | Rite Aid Hdqtrs Corp.
Telemedicine is now aimed at your pets. Rite Aid’s new patent discloses a veterinary kiosk for providing telemed services to a user so he/she can have the best vet care in the comfort of his/her own home. A user video conferencing system is included to facilitate real-time or near real-time teleconference with a veterinary provider.

US 10,225,401 | Emergency call back for remote workers | Avaya Inc.
Enhanced emergency calls via fingerprinting is Avaya’s latest patent. This solves the problem for when an emergency call is prematurely disconnected. Emergency call back is initiated by routing to the communication endpoint based on fingerprint to ensure complete facilitation of an emergency call.

US 10,223,887 | Anti-theft apparatus for smart device | Ideastudio Co Ltd
What’s new about this technology is that it allows an administrator to quickly recognize a theft of a smart device using near field communication in the form of a beacon transmitter. Ideastudio removed the inclusion of a physical lock so that a customer feels more comfortable testing the device in a shop, show room, exhibit, etc.

US 10,225,621 | Eyes free entertainment | Dish network LLC
Dish Network’s patent improves entertainment on-the-go. Audio-video content can be converted into audio only that allows a user to consume content aurally despite interruptions. Additionally, the system can provide audio content converted from a news clipping, movie etc. based on a user’s pattern (e.g. daily morning jog)

US 10,224,758 | Wireless powering of electronic devices with selective delivery range | Energous Corp
Energous Corp’s patent supports charging wirelessly, over-the-air, based on pocket forming. It includes a transmitter or sender of energy and a receiver or the device to be powered. In addition, it consists of a safety configuration to avoid unauthorized usage of electronic devices.

US 10,223,864 | Electronic gaming machine and method for detecting player emotion and generating sensory output | Incredible Technologies, Inc.
This technology detects and monitors a player’s emotion via the use of an electronic gaming machine. Analytic information based on the player’s input or physiological condition or activity triggers changes to the play experience via predetermined algorithms.

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