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IBM returns to top spot ; Facebook secures an AR/VR patent

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March 6, 2019


  • IBM returns to the top spot, receiving a total of 231 patent grants this past week.
  • Samsung comes in second, with 177 patents.

  • Next to the US, Japanese assignees received the most number of patents, with 735 granted patents.
  • Patents filed by these Japanese assignees are concentrated on the following industries: Consumer Electronics, 27.56%; Industrial Machinery, 17.3%; Computer Manufacturing, 17%; and Auto Manufacturing, 10%


Parola Top Patents

We looked at the patents granted from February 20–26 and here are the patents that topped our list:

US 10,219,128 | Wristwatch, wearable device, emergency help seeking method, and speed dial method | PRINCO Corp.

This invention details a wristwatch which doubles as an emergency help seeking method by connecting the wristwatch to the user’s mobile device and accesses the speed dial function. If the user continuously taps or shakes the wristwatch this will notify the mobile device to execute emergency calls. The amount of shake or taps can also specify which contact will be called.

US 10,219,096 | Seat-optimized reproduction of entertainment for autonomous driving | BMW
This invention discusses a vehicle audio system to provide a surround sound setup. The surround sound will be maintained for two modes of transport, either autonomous or non-autonomous.

US 10,219,066 | Interchangeable wearing modes for a headset | Plantronics, Inc.
This patent discusses a design for headsets that are interchangeable to either of the following modes: headband, earloop and neckband style. This is done by using a retention element in the headset.

US 10,218,660 | Detecting user gestures for dismissing electronic notifications | Google
This patent discusses a method using hand gestures to remove notification in a mobile device’s display and a corresponding action is executed relating to the notification.[/vc_column_text]


US 10,216,272 | Strain measurement ring | Facebook
This invention discusses a strain measurement ring accessory for AR/VR consoles. This device measures strain information due to a user’s finger movement. The device can send and receive strain information to an AR/VR console to simulate contact with a virtual object.


US 10,213,692 | System and method for toy recognition | LEGO A/S
This patent discusses a method for an optical recognition system to detect and recognize toys, determining the elements making up the toy based on existing information and identifying the said elements.


US 10,213,596 | Skull-mounted optical implant | Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation
This invention discusses an optical implant mounted in the skull for providing phototherapy to patients. The device is connected to a light source which can transmit the light to a specific portion of the patient’s brain.

US 10,213,153 | Wearable pain monitor using accelerometry | Philips
This invention discusses a device to detect and monitor a patient’s pain using an accelerometer worn by a user. The accelerometer can be used to determine the respiration signal of the patient which is then related to the amount of pain experienced.

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