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BOE Technology receives 126 patents, Apple secures patent on image repair using data from other images

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February 19, 2019


  • Overall, Samsung, BOE Technology and IBM lead the pack in terms of most granted patents this past week.
  • Chinese firm BOE Technology ranks 2nd over all with 126 patents granted, with IBM trailing behind at the third spot.

  • Siemens, along with Infineon, Bosch, BASF and SAP emerge as top German assignees in the USPTO for the period February 6–12.
  • These top 5 German assignees receive a total of 51 patents.
  • The top industry for Germany is Semiconductors, with 24.4% of its granted patents going to this industry.

Parola Top Patents

We also gathered our top granted patents for February 6–12.

US 10,204,264 | Systems and methods for dynamically scoring implicit user interaction | Google LLC
Feedback on presentations helps speakers improve but knowing just how much the audience remains engaged is often hard to quantify. This patent discloses a system that not only checks whether the audience is watching keenly, but also checks if those using their devices are engaging in activities related to the presentation such as posting about it on social media or researching related topics. This gives a more accurate score on the audience’s attention.

US 10,204,340 | Automotive optical communication system | PayPal, Inc.
Vehicle communications have yet to develop just as quickly or as intuitively as mobile communication. This patent seeks to provide better vehicle communications by using the already existing optical and lighting systems to connect to information networks instead of the usual radio systems. Using existing systems seeks to make adaptation easier and cheaper.

US 10,204,375 | Digital wardrobe using simulated forces on garment models | eBay Inc.
Previewing clothes on a digital model is already common, but what if you want to know how the clothing would look once the body is already moving? This patent not only provides a preview for garments but also simulates how the clothing will perform once you do actions like walking, running or even playing sports.

US 10,204,433 | Selective enablement of sign language display | Sony Corporation
This patent seeks to provide sign language interpretation of the video displayed for the hearing impaired. Unlike most sign language interpreters which are permanently embedded in videos, this one can be toggled on and off depending on the user’s preference.

US 10,204,611 | Toilet seat which dispenses ultrasound gel and performs an ultrasound analysis of a user’s thigh | David R. Hall, Dan Allen, Ben Swenson, Justin R. Robinson
This patent describes a medical toilet seat with a built in ultrasound device as well as a dispenser for ultrasound gel in order to take an ultrasound analysis of the user’s thigh.

US 10,205,889 | Method of replacing objects in a video stream and computer program | Digitarena SA
There are some objects in the background of a video that can be easily replaced without affecting the important content. Ads displayed during a live sports game can be changed using the method described in this patent, allowing one to display more than just what the physical advertisements show.

US 10,206,065 | Place-specific buddy list services | Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC
Sometimes we are unaware that a friend or family is just nearby or around the corner when we travel outside. In this patent, a service is described that allows one to keep a buddy list of their important people and alerts them when they detect them nearby

US 10,204,421 | Identifying regions of free space within an image | Flipboard, Inc.
Adding text information to an image allows the magazine to enhance the information to be conveyed. In this patent, a method is described that prevents the possible text boxes from overlapping over the image by automatically identifying the free spaces where they can be placed.

US 10,205,875 | Image enhancement and repair using sample data from other images | Apple Inc.
Photographers know that taking the perfect picture is extremely difficult. Even multiple pictures may contain one or two elements keeping it from being perfect. But what if you could take all the perfect parts and put it into one picture instead? This patent allows the enhancement of one picture by comparing it to similarly related pictures.

US RE,7,2,231 | Glue composition for lung volume reduction | PneumRx, Inc.
This patent describes a glue composition to treat inflamed pulmonary tissue to reduce the lung volume in order to prevent unwanted rupturing of the organ.

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