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Applied Nanotech secures new patent on metallic ink used for PCBs

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March 27, 2019

  • With Samsung leading the top assignees from South Korea, the patents that were granted from March 6–12 were mostly concentrated on the Auto Parts industry.

  • Germany’s patents reman largely focused on Biotechnology and Semiconductors.

Parola Top Patents

Here are our top picks from the patents granted from March 6–12.

US 10,231,344 | Metallic ink | Applied Nanotech Holdings, Inc.

This patent describes copper-based ink to be used for easier production of printed circuit boards (PCB). With this, PCBs can be produced without additional chemicals and simpler than using electroplating techniques.

US 10,231,110 | Crash detection and severity classification system implementing emergency assistance | State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
Every minute counts when rescuing people in an accident and the faster it is reported, the quicker the response. This patent describes a phone app that is connected to various sensors to determine if a user was in an accident. Emergency services will then be contacted for rescue.

US 10,231,065 | Spectacle hearing device system | GN Hearing A/S
Simultaneous weakening of hearing and sight are common deficiencies one develops as one ages. However, wearing both glasses and hearing aids can be cumbersome due to the incompatibility of their physical devices. This patent allows a hearing aid to be worn in the ear while maintaining sound directionality quality by using built in microphones inside the glasses.

US 10,231,039 | Rock speaker | Alpine Corporation
There are people who enjoy listening to music in a garden setting but speakers are generally not waterproof. This patent describes a speaker that is installed in a housing simulating a rock, and uses solar energy for its power source.

US 10,230,919 | Article of clothing with video recording device support | Utility Associates, Inc.
Recording devices on clothing make it easier for law enforcement agencies and similar organizations to provide factual visual and audio data. In order to ease carrying around a recording device, this patent describe clothing with a compartment to securely store the recording device instead of simply attaching it over the article of clothing.

US 10,229,677 | Smart launching mobile applications with preferred user interface (UI) languages | IBM
Sometimes one may need to change languages when using different apps on a mobile device. Instead of having to manually change the language from the settings menu, this patent describes a system wherein the mobile device has a priority list of languages that the user can add to each app as a preferred language.

US 10,229,662 | Social music system and method with continuous, real-time pitch correction of vocal performance and dry vocal capture for subsequent re-rendering based on selectively applicable vocal effect(s) schedule(s) | Smule, Inc.
Current mobile devices currently have a lot of processing power and this patent seeks to take advantage this for audio recording. Instead of simply playing back the original recording, this system can make real-time corrections to vocal performances such as pitch correction and other vocal effects.

US 10,229,513 | Cognitive color scheme advisor for dynamic modification of digital media in a collaborative environment with color blind individuals | IBM
Not all media have color blind mode pre-installed in their systems before they are distributed. This patent describes a system for converting media into color blind mode based on data from various color-blind profiles created by color-blind individuals.

US 10,229,169 | Eliminating false predictors in data-mining | IBM
Data mining creates various predictors when sorting large data-sets. However, there are still cases when it may create false predictors that have a null data population. This patent describes a method for eliminating these false predictors from the data mining process.

US 10,227,723 | Foot of washing machine with automatic leveling function and washing machine | Qingdao Haier Washing Machine Co., Ltd
Washing machines need to be level in order to provide proper and noiseless washing of clothes. However, some machines can be too heavy to be manually leveled such as the case for industrial level washing machines. This patent describes an automatic leveling leg for a washing machine using a hydraulic press in order to properly level the device.

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