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Apple’s location-based reminders, and Xiaomi’s new patent on temperature-triggered wake up screens

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April 1, 2019
  • Samsung and IBM go neck and neck in terms of the number of patents granted from March 13–19.


Parola Top Patents

Here are our top picks from the patents granted from March 13–19.

US 10,237,712 | In-field wireless access to smart instruments using Bluetooth low energy | Honeywell International Inc.

Bluetooth low energy or BLE is a form of short-range wireless communication that is available in most newly manufactured devices. Honeywell’s new patent describes a method for providing a communication means for BLE-enabled devices to a legacy field instruments.

US 10,235,863 | Smart location-based reminders | Apple Inc.
Apple’s patent discloses the display of reminders associated to a location. Once the user device detects a location, for example, a grocery, it automatically displays a set of reminders such as your grocery list.

US 10,234,963 | Touch pen apparatus, system, and method | Lenovo PTE. LTD.
Most touch pens only have one end being read by the capacitive touch panel, and for the touch pen to change function, such as from write to erase, you have to select it from a menu. Lenovo’s patent discloses a touch pen that has an erase function. It works just like a pencil which has writing and erasing ends. The capacitive touch panel may detect two different conductive patterns from the touch pen. The first end has a conductive pattern associated to writing/selecting and the second end is associated to an erasing function.

US 10,234,923 | Methods and devices for waking up a screen | Xiaomi Inc.
Xiaomi’s patent discloses a way to wake up a screen mainly by using a temperature transducer. The transducer detects changes in temperature which could trigger a device to turn on its display. For example, when the user picks up the device with an off screen, it will detect the temperature change brought by the user’s hand and the screen would automatically turn on.

US 10,232,663 | Moisture-erasable note taking system | Rocket Innovation, Inc.
A notebook composed of synthetic papers is disclosed in Rocket Innovation’s patent. A thermochromic ink pen is used to write on the synthetic papers and can be erased by using moisture. The moisture may be applied by using a wet tissue or cloth sprayed with alcohol.

US 10,232,139 | Smart pillow cover and alarm to improve sleeping and waking | Chrona Sleep, Inc.
A smart pillow cover is disclosed in Chrona Sleep’s patent. The pillow cover aims to improve sleep by using a non-invasive brain stimulator and a sensor to monitor sleep.

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