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Weekly Patent Insights: Steady lead from IBM and Samsung; Philips secures new patent on cancer treatment

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October 24, 2018

IBM and Samsung continually secure their positions at first and second spots, respectively. See previous week here. Ford, Intel, and Amazon complete the top 5 but with still a significantly huge margin from IBM and Samsung.

As for patents granted to non-US based companies, most went to Japan, followed closely by Germany and Korea.

Parola Top Patents

We also looked at some of the notable patents granted this week (October 10–16):

10099044 | Ultrasound mediated delivery with critical-organ protection | Philips
Philips was recently granted a patent disclosing a drug delivery apparatus that selectively transports chemotherapy agents to intended cancer site. Because this invention makes use of energy beam, protecting critical organs such as the heart while or after inducing chemotherapy is addressed.

10104720 | Portable rechargeable heating blanket system | LaRue; Paul
The patent incorporated a rechargeable li-polymer/lithium-ion battery cell in a portable blanket system to provide comfortable heat to a human body and sustain the comfortable heat.

10099608 | Haptic vehicle alert based on wearable device | Ford
Ford’s recent patent explores the use of wearable devices in autonomous vehicles. In this invention, an AV’s controller is configured to communicate with a wearable device to output a vibration for alerting a driver to a collision avoidance alert, drowsy driver alert, to name a few.

10104219 | Tracking activity data between wearable devices paired with a companion device | Apple
A pair of wearable devices works hand in hand in this patent. The first device gathers health data, and then the health data is transmitted to a companion device that processes the gathered health data to provide information that relates to a streak of physical activity.

10104160 | Medical image capturing system | Konica Minolta, Inc.
This patent upgrades the medical image enhances the operability of a client terminal by connecting the client terminal and image generating apparatus to as server apparatus to communicate and provide medical image to the client terminal.

10101475| Dead pixel compensation in positron emission tomography (PET) | Philips
Dead pixels in PET imaging are compensated by estimation of PET data for the dead pixels from the received PET data. This increases the image quality produced for diagnosis of patients. See patent here.

10104289 | Modular camera drone | SWL Robotics Inc.
This novel camera drone by SWL robotics is packed with features. Not only is it modular, this invention is also configured for operation in both air and water. It makes use of 8 HD cameras to provide a spherical 360°×360° field of view for use in virtual and augmented reality.


10102769 | Device, system and method for providing feedback to a user relating to a behavior of the user | Philips
device serving as a health coach provides feedback to a user about his/her behavior and can prevent the user from engaging in a habit. The feedback reminds the user to change his/her behavior or habit. The user in this invention may refer to a person/patient willing to change a behavior.

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