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Assess the risk of infringing on existing patents and other IP before launching a new product or entering a new market with a freedom to operate or clearance search.

What is a freedom to operate search?

Freedom to Operate (FTO) search, also called clearance or infringement search, is ideally conducted before launching a new product, process, or technology into the market.

The purpose of an FTO search is to assess the risk of infringing on existing intellectual property rights, such as patents in a given jurisdiction or technology area. A freedom to operate opinion, on the other hand is given by a qualified IP attorney. If the FTO search and opinion indicated that there are no blocking patents, the inventor or organization may file patent protection to “ensure a greater degree of freedom to operate”.

In the event of a valid blocking patent,  an effective freedom to operate search can aid your analysis in determining the best course of action:

Product Development

Identify potential roadblocks and make necessary design modifications.

Pre-Product Launch

Evaluate infringement risks. Take necessary precautions: obtain license or opt for redesign

New Market Entry

Assess the patent landscape in the new market or geographical location before expanding operations.

Technology Acquisition

Ensure you are not acquiring technology that is already protected by someone else's IP rights.

Considering any of these actions? Speak with our team to customize a freedom to operate search  for you.

What we deliver

  • Expert-led Freedom to Operate (FTO) search

    A dedicated US-registered patent attorney, patent agent, and subject matter expert, leading and supervising your freedom to operate search projects to ensure high quality results.

  • Collaborative approach

    Communicate directly with our analysts at any point to fine-tune your search.

  • Easy to navigate, customizable reports

    Patent-to-product mapping charts that show a clear representation of patent claims and product feature matching. Specify additional elements that your organization needs in the report.

  • Cost-effective, flexible arrangements

    At Parola Analytics, we are committed to finding the best solutions with our clients. Customize solutions that suit your requirements, budget, and easily integrate them with your workflow.

Parola Analytics’ patent attorney-led Freedom to Operate Search report includes these key elements:

Existing intellectual property

Existing patents, trademarks, copyrights, or other IP. At Parola Analytics, we specialize in identifying patents and pending applications that are of potential concern

Geographic coverage

Geographic scope of the identified IP to determine in which jurisdiction are the patents enforceable.

Patent-to-Product mapping

Product-to-technology or claims-to-product mapping to better understand what aspects of a product, service or process are potentially infringing on existing patents.

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Effective freedom to operate or  clearance search starts with a good understanding of the subject matter. Our team of patent experts can help.

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