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Parola’s Top 5 New Year’s Eve Patents

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December 28, 2017

In our Top Christmas Patents post, we showed you just how weird and wonderful patented inventions for the holiday season can be.  From ball drop simulators, confetti sprayers to champagne towers, we’re listing down our Top 5 New Year’s Eve patents which make ringing in the new year a little extra.

We wish everyone a joyous 2018!


1. Mobile celebration device

US8936503B2 - Mobile celebration deviceThis celebration device simulates the famed ball drop in Times Square and allows the wearer to take the party anywhere! The base of the apparatus can take the form of eyeglasses, a hat, a tiara, a handle and finger ring or clip.


2. Synchronized confetti sprayer and descending illuminated ball

US6260989B1 Synchronized confetti sprayer
The Times Square ball drop seems to be a favorite among inventors, and this device just takes it to the next level. The invention discloses a celebratory device comprising a confetti blower with LED digital display. At a predetermined time, the ball descends from the top of the pole and as it drops pole lamps illuminate and the LED display show the time. When the ball reaches the bottom of the pole, the LED display will indicate the time and and all the celebratory features of the device will be activated.


3. Champagne tower

CN2868374Y Champagne tower
No New Year’s Eve celebration is complete without champagne, and what better way to serve it than through a champagne tower.  This invention makes the structure more dynamic by adopting a water-tank and pump to allow the circulation of the liquid to form the motive effect, thereby improving the entertainment-value of the champagne tower. Plus, the tower structure comes with its own lighting device and a fog effect port!


4. Icon fireworks 

CN201402106 Icon fireworks
Aside from the usual lights and sounds that ordinary fireworks bring, these fireworks can create iconic images such as zodiac signs in the sky. It even describes the outlines of Buddha or Santa Claus as possible examples.


5. Firework light 

US6582115B2 Firework light
This invention mimics the effect of fireworks and provides a much cheaper, and safer alternative. The lamp structure comprises a post mounted on the base with a ball provided on the top of the post. Several transparent radial rods connected with the ball. According to the invention, “the flashlight provided at the center in the ball can separately flash to form an internal central exploding point, the radial rods can flash sequentially to thereby strengthen the effect of a real firework for the firework light.”

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