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Samsung, LG, and Hyundai top South Korean patent assignees in the USPTO

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February 12, 2019


  • In terms of South Korean assignees in the USPTO, Samsung leads the pack, but LG, along with LG Chem and LG Innotek dominate the top 5 list.
  • Siemens, Infineon, and Bosch still remain in the top 5 assignees.

  • Japan remains in second place in terms of assignee countries, with Canon, Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic and Epson as its top 5.

Parola Top Patents

Here’s the summary of the patent recipients from the USPTO from January 30 — February 5

US 10,200,074 | Methods and apparatus to sense and protect against liquid in contact with a mobile electronic device | AT&T
Mobile devices have gotten smarter. AT&T’s new patent include determining, using a plurality of liquid sensors, whether liquid has come into contact with the internal surface of a user’s phone. As a response, the user will be alerted and a port of the mobile device will be sealed off.

US 10,195,748 | Humanoid robot | Interman Corp.
Not all human robots are capable of identifying individuals, which leads to cases of theft and data privacy leaks. A recently granted patent by Interman Corp. discusses the advantages of a robot capable of individual identification through a natural motion of the robot itself. Through handshake gestures, the robot could perform vein pattern similarity degree for personal identification.

US 10,198,890 | Hybrid Banknote With Electronic Indicia Using Near-Field-Communications | X-Celeprint Ltd
In this patent of X-Celeprint, banknotes are given a facelift.The invention illustrates a hybrid high-security document that has one or more light-emitting modules disposed on or embedded in a document with or without visible markings. With this, electronically-accessible currency with visible indicia is now a reality.

US 10,196,802 | Food waste treatment apparatus | LG Electronics Inc
What’s new about this patent on food waste treatment is the inclusion of a dehydrator and agitator to supply dry air. Conventional garbage disposal units grind food waste regardless of the food waste’s components. With LG’s new invention, enhanced grinding efficiency and removal of highly viscous grounds or fine powder can be achieved.

US 10,198,892 | Metered delivery of wireless power | Philips IP Ventures B.V.
Philips’ recent patent looks into automated power delivery and metering. The power system provides consumers power or charge, and subsequently bills them per charging minute. Ideally, the power system may be installed in airport/airplane seatings, auditoriums, desks, drawers, or kiosks.

US 10,198,953 | Obstruction detection in air traffic control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles | Etak Systems LLC
This patent is in anticipation of the proliferation of UAVs for delivery, research, rescue, etc. In this invention, a system for UAV air traffic control is being described for obstruction detection and flying lane management. The system communicates with a plurality of servers each configured to communicate with a plurality of UAVs in a geographic or zone coverage.

US 10,198,505 | Personalized experience scores based on measurements of affective response | Affectomatics Ltd
Affectomatics’ new patent is on the various applications of crowd-based affective response. It involves the measurement of a user’s personal experience being at a location, consuming certain content, having a social interaction (e.g., in the physical world or a virtual world), exercising, traveling a certain route, consuming a substance, and/or utilizing a product. This experience score may be calculated via the use of different sensors and user interfaces.

US 10,198,958 | Training method and apparatus employing brainwave monitoring | Freer Logic, LLC
Freer Logic’s recent patent relates to human performance training implemented by a computer. The method employs a brainwave monitor to determine and monitor the state of attention of at least one trainee. Once the level of attention of a trainee is at or above a predetermined threshold, the training environment is activated.

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