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U.S. Patent No. 6,844,262


This prior art search report presents the mappings of the various elements of claim 1 of U.S. Patent No. 6,844,262 (’262 Patent), titled “CMP process”, from assignee Copperfield Licensing LLC, published on 18 January 2005.

This patent discloses a method of making a semiconductor structure by measuring a pattern density of a layer and calculating a polishing time sufficient to planarize a layer on a semiconductor substrate. The layer is planarized based on the polish time and then polished to a predetermined thickness.

This preliminary search report has been reviewed by U.S.-registered patent attorney.

This preliminary search report includes the following:

  • References found from the preliminary search
  • Claims mapping chart
  • Copies of the selected references with highlighted excerpts
  • Search strategies used in conducting the prior art search



This ParolaPRIME™ report is not legal advice. The suggested correspondences between the features disclosed in the patent-at-issue and those disclosed in each reference reflect what Parola Analytics believes are technical similarities between those respective sets of features. Parola Analytics makes no representation concerning any legal status or effect that may arise from documents mentioned in this report, such as the validity of any apparent priority date or the assertability of any document as prior art against a patent. You should independently obtain legal counsel before attempting to rely on any portion of this report in a legal proceeding.

The references presented in this report are only preliminary and do not represent results from an exhaustive search. For the full report, request a quote.

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