Patent Survey

Our Patent Survey reports will provide you actionable intelligence regarding various technology areas. Whether you’re entering a new market, or keeping an eye out on future developments from competitors, our patent survey reports will provide you with the actionable insights to make the best business strategies.

Depending on the scope of the search, we also include business-related information and analysis to provide a more complete report that presents more reliable determinations or predictions regarding the direction where an industry or technology area is headed, which companies lead and lag in various technology areas, emerging potentially-dominant technologies, near-term company priorities based on recent acquisitions, etc.

Patent Surveys can be beneficial at various stages of your product or technology life cycle:

Determine with R&D activities should be advanced and which ones to abort

Capitalize on industry whitespaces or areas and technologies not explored by competitors

Strategize on possible product, technology or patenting defenses based on industry or competitor patterns