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Patent and Prior Art Search

Protect and maximize the value of your intellectual property portfolio with our trusted patent and prior art search services. Leverage the skills and expertise of our researchers, patent experts, patent agents and attorneys in making informed, strategic IP decisions.


Protect and defend yourself from infringement assertions and invalidate blocking patents.


Assess if your idea or invention satisfies novelty and non-obviousness through our comprehensive patentability searches.

Freedom to Operate

Mitigate risks involved when entering a new market or introducing a new product.

Evidence of Use

Protect your patent portfolio by identifying potentially infringing products, methods or services on the market.

Standard Essential Patents

Identify patents that are potentially relevant to technical standards. Assess the essentiality of patents before entering licensing negotiations.

State of the Art Search

Gain insights to fine-tune your R&D strategies or before entering a new technology domain.

Patent to Standard

Identify patents that are potentially relevant to proposed technical standards or standard essential patents.

Why Parola Analytics?

Highly-experienced prior art researchers

Our analysts have degrees in various fields such as computer science, electronics and communications engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, materials science, and physical chemistry. We have PhD-level analysts and US patent agents who supervise and review searches to ensure quality results on every project.

4,000+ prior art search projects conducted

Our analysts have performed thousands of prior art searches covering many different inventions, systems, processes, materials, compositions, and hardware and software that span a broad array of technology areas.

Fortune 500 companies and American Lawyer 100 firms serviced

We have performed prior art search services and other types of patent-related research for several of the world’s biggest and most widely-known companies, as well as for many of the most prestigious patent law firms in the US.

Non-patent literature and non-US patent coverage

Working with us means you can take advantage of our extensive experience with many non-patent and non-English databases and resources that enable us to perform thorough, detailed and wide-ranging searches across various patent jurisdictions.

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