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Patent Filing and Prosecution Support

Custom-made solutions for every step of your innovation process.

Preparation of Patent Applications

Our team has prepared and prosecuted over 200 US patents. Our analysts have been directly involved in the preparation and completion of more than 100 provisional patent applications for  multinational clients, as well as the drafting of patent claims covering various subject matter that include wearables, monitoring systems, medical devices, optoelectronics, and telemedicine.

Patent Drafting

For patent applications, we typically prepare a specification including up to 20 claims, three of which are independent, and a set of formal drawings based on a client’s invention disclosure or a preliminary set of claims. We also prepare non-provisional patent applications based on one or more provisional patent applications provided by a client.  We may also prepare additional written descriptions including examples of other embodiments or configurations of any claimed invention for a previously prepared patent application draft from the client.

We also work with clients in the preparation of claim amendments or any required drawing corrections based on communications from an examining patent office regarding a patent application.

Prior Art Search

Depending on the client’s requirements, we may also conduct prior art search covering one or more jurisdictions, review the prosecution history of certain related patents, or prepare a technical analysis of one or more references relating to the subject matter of the invention before proceeding with the drafting of a patent application. Based on our search and review of references found, a client may decide to either proceed with the preparation of a patent application or further develop certain aspects of the invention before proceeding with the patent application preparation.

What our clients say about us

Apart from the need to prepare well-drafted patent applications, your organization must also be prepared to draft sound and persuasive technical arguments or responses to office actions issued by a patent office during the prosecution of your patent applications.

From the preparation of well-thought-out arguments relating to various types of rejections by patent examiners such as those based on lack of novelty and obviousness, to the preparation of responses in connection with post-grant patent and inter partes reviews, our team can provide you with the technical expertise to help you overcome any challenges to your patent’s validity.

We assist in the preparation of responses to office actions and similar communications relating to a non-provisional application (including continuation applications, divisional applications, etc.), third-party submissions, supplemental examinations, post-grant reviews including patent reexaminations, and other matters pertaining to one or more references cited by an examining patent office regarding one or more filed patent applications.

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