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Patent Analysis Services

We provide various types of services relating to technical analysis of patents and patent applications that include review of entire specifications, patent claims, and prior art references.

Technical Analysis of Patents and Patent Applications

Patent Valuation

Technical Analysis of Patents and Patent Applications

Our detailed technical analysis will provide you with actionable intelligence for the following purposes:

  • Patent valuations
  • Preparation of patent applications
  • Responses to office actions
  • Third-party pre-issuance submissions
  • Patent portfolio assessments
  • Patent application compliance with written description and enablement requirements, among others.

Patent Valuation

We take a patent-based approach to valuation using between 10-25 patent-related criteria that will provide you with a measure of the value or strength of your patent or patent portfolio.

The algorithm we use for patent valuation differs from those that economists or finance practitioners use (e.g., market, cost, or income-based patent valuation). What we use instead are patent parameters that patent lawyers understand very well.

The specific combination of patent valuation criteria that we use may vary depending, for example, on the availability of data for a given criterion. We may also select a set of criteria for use in a valuation based on a client’s objectives (e.g. for patent acquisition or licensing) or requirements.

Advantages of a patent-based approach to valuation

  • Uncover insights that can only be derived from a deep analysis of valuation parameters derived from each patent.
  • Puts patent lawyers in an ideal position to determine the strength of the patents or patent portfolios because of their familiarity with the patent parameters.
  • Allows patent practitioners to classify or determine the best course of action for each patent (sell, license, etc).
  • Provides a perfect complement to mainly economic or financial approach to patent valuations that are prevalent in the market.

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