In-depth analysis

Whether it ’s a comprehensive study of a competitor ’s patent portfolio, a roundup of emerging technologies from the academe, mergers and acquisitions within an industry, venture capitalist fundings — our technical experts and data scientists will dig deeper into our massive data sources to provide you with intelligence crucial in making high-level decisions.

At Parola Analytics, we recognize the unique needs of your organization. Our team of patent and  technology experts will work with you to identify your organization’s potential areas for growth and development that would further enhance your organization’s competitiveness.

Whether you’re already a ParolaNOW customer or have highly specialized needs, ParolaCUSTOM is a smart, made-to-order vehicle that allows you to take your decisions to the next level.

Targeted research

When you already have a reasonably good understanding of your business objectives consistent with your long-term interests or needs, it’s time to discover those crucial elements necessary to achieve those goals. Tell us the industries you’re interested in, technology areas that you’d like to invest in, geographical locations in which to establish your business, and other elements or requirements that you believe would add value to your business—and let us do the rest.

Aligned with your goals

Your goals, our mission. Our customer-centric approach to research guarantees that the intelligence we provide is aligned with your organization’s objectives. Our consultants will collaborate with your organization to better understand your goals and make sure our solutions jibe perfectly with your needs and requirements.