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Invalidity | Validity

How can I invalidate blocking patents? How can I defend the validity of my patent?
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Evidence of Use

Is someone infringing on my patent?
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Is my invention patentable?
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Patent Landscape

What are the innovation trends and technology whitespaces in my technology area?
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Freedom to Operate

What are the IP risks of introducing my product to a new market?
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Standard Essential Patents

Is my patent essential to a standard? How can I negotiate better licensing agreements with this SEP?
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Stay ahead of the game just like the industry’s best.
Sean M. Dean, Ph.D.
Sean M. Dean, Ph.D.
Fish & Richardson P.C.
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“The first search Parola Analytics, Inc. performed for us provided the key reference supporting our invalidity position on a patent we were evaluating.”
Daniel Kiang
Daniel Kiang
Knobbe Martens
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“Vincent and his team at Parola are excellent at locating prior art. We have worked with Parola on two matters, and both times,

Parola delivered outstanding results. Parola’s highly-relevant search results and reports demonstrated a thorough understanding of the patent claims.”
Marius Meland
Marius Meland
Law360 and Fastinform
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"Parola’s success is based on a singular strength, the quality of its analysts

In just weeks, our investments in our relationship with Parola Analytics started to pay handsome dividends.

Parola Analytics identified a patent filed by researchers at Yale that showed promise as a vaccine against malaria

Our article, authored by Monisha Ravisetti, was publicized in hundreds of newspapers and magazines worldwide and quoted thousands of times on social media"
James A. “Tripp” Fussell III
James A. “Tripp” Fussell III
Mayer Brown
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“Vincent Violago and his excellent team at Parola Analytics provide high quality, detailed, prior art search results with minimal oversight and handholding. These guys are highly educated and experienced in their field and work together with great efficiency.

The work product is top-notch, and they are always available for follow up, including detailed discussions of the report and additional pinpoint searches based on the results.”
Barry Shelton
Barry Shelton
Shelton Coburn LLP
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“I recently engaged Parola Analytics to conduct a prior art search on a difficult US patent that had already stymied another search firm that delivered two unusable references.

Parola found four much better references in two weeks that demonstrated a deeper understanding of the search and an effective selection of the best references.

I highly recommend Parola Analytics.”
Chris Hadley
Chris Hadley
Jones Waldo
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"Parola Analytics has consistently provided excellent search results coupled with an easy to navigate and detailed search report.

Parola’s responsiveness and communication are exceptional.

I highly recommend Parola."
Justin H. Cross
Justin H. Cross
HamiltonCross, LLP
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"Parola Analytics is an outstanding resource for our boutique intellectual property firm.

Patentability searches are the first step for new patent clients. Vincent and his team take care of this crucial step, and provide us with high-quality and comprehensive search reports.

Our patent practice is enhanced by Parola Analytics’ search capabilities, and our favorite find is Parola Analytics."
Imtiaz Billah
Imtiaz Billah
Torrey Pines Law Group, PC
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"It was an absolute pleasure working with Parola Analytics.

Vincent Violago is very responsive and professional. He answers all your questions and ensures the right person does the search.

The patentability report provided is very visually pleasing and easy to follow.

The searcher (who is a PhD chemist and registered US Patent Agent) took great care to understand the claim language of a biotech invention prior to doing the search.

A very thorough search was done in a timely and efficient manner. I highly recommend Parola Analytics for patentability searches."


The latest insights on relevant patent news
neuralink patents brain computer interface
Brain Computer Interface

Patent Snapshot: Neuralink

In May 2023, Neuralink, the neurotech startup co-founded by Elon Musk, achieved a milestone by securing FDA approval for human trials of its brain implant, Link.

Read More »

Parola Analytics is a leading patent and prior art search provider offering various services: patent validity search, patentability, freedom to operate search, evidence of use search, as well as patent landscape and analysis, and research relating to standard essential patents (SEPs).


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