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Freedom-to-Operate Related Search

Mitigate risks involved in entering a new market or introducing a new product by a thorough assessment of various types of intellectual property in a jurisdiction. Also called a clearance or non-infringement search, our services help you assess and evaluate risks associated to market entry.


  • Avoid product redesign or removal from the market
  • Avoid having to pay third-party damages arising from, for example, an asserted patent
  • Avoid having to pay licensing fees in certain cases
  • Identify potential licensing options and agreements
  • Assess possible whitespaces to guide your firm’s R&D strategies.


Why Parola?

  • Breadth of experience including over 4,000 patent and prior art searches covering a wide array of technology areas such as electrical and communications engineering, physics, materials science, and physical chemistry
  • Depth of knowledge and experience from prior art researchers and PhD-level subject matter experts
  • Extensive project coverage that includes US and non-US patents, non-patent literature
  • Multilingual search covering German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean patent and non-patent databases and literature


What We Deliver

Our Search Reports are designed and organized in an easy-to-understand format and typically include the following sections:

  • Search Report Summary
  • Summary of Search Results
  • Technical Mapping
  • Search Methodology
  • References (Annotations and highlighted excerpts)
  • Sources and Databases used
  • Keyword vectors

The report can be customized, and other features included, depending on your preferences or requirements.


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