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Protect and maximize the value of your patent portfolio by assessing evidence of use and identifying infringing products and services in the market.

What is an evidence of use search?

An evidence of use (EOU) search seeks to identify evidence of the commercial use of a particular technology or patented invention. It is also called “patent-to-product mapping” or “product-to-patent mapping” as the process involves correlating patent claims with specific features or components in commercial products or services. 

This effectively identifies potential patent infringements or areas for licensing opportunities. A patent holder can gain valuable information from an evidence of use search:

  • Protect IP rights

    Evidence of use found will be one of the basis for pursuing the necessary legal actions to enforce their patents.

  • Assess commercial value of IP

    An EoU search can aid in determining the appropriate royalties based on the technology's market adoption.

  • Gain better patent valuation; licensing and sale position

    Depending on the level of use or market adoption, patent holders can gain better patent valuation and land them better a position in licensing and sale agreements.

  • Monetize IP assets and uncover new revenue streams

    Innovators can identify underutilized patents and technologies that can be monetized or licensed to generate additional revenue.

Our evidence of use search services and the corresponding evidence of use analysis have helped our clients in these various aspects of their IP strategy.  Book a consultation to find out how we can customize these solutions for you.

What we deliver

  • Expert-led Evidence of Use (EoU) search

    A dedicated US-registered patent attorney leading and supervising your evidence of use search projects to ensure high quality results.

  • Comprehensive search

    Coverage of US and non-US patents. Expanded search covering various non-patent literature: scientific and technical literature, conferences, product manuals and catalogs, trade shows, etc.

  • Easy-to navigate reports coupled with expert analysis

    Concise, easy-to-navigate reports and patent claims-to-product mapping charts that provide you with a clear visual presentation of relevant disclosures.

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