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Evidence-of-Use or Patent-to-Product Search

An evidence-of use or patent-to-product search is conducted to assess which products on the market are currently using a certain patented technology.


  • Determine which products on the market are infringing on your intellectual property
  • Assert the value of your patent or patent portfolio with the help of our accurate assessment for licensing, sale, or litigation purposes
  • Strengthen your bargaining position in licensing negotiations


Why Parola?

  • Extensive experience covering over 4,000 patent and prior art searches and a wide array of technology areas such as electrical and communications engineering, physics, materials science, and physical chemistry
  • Highly experienced prior art researchers and PhD-level subject matter experts
  • Extensive coverage that includes US and non-US patents, non-patent literature
  • Multilingual search covers German, Japanese, Chinese and Korean patent and non-patent databases and literature.


What We Deliver

Our Search Reports are designed and organized in an easy-to-understand format and typically include the following sections:

  • Search Report Summary
  • Summary of Search Results
  • Patent-to-Product Mapping
  • Search Strategies (patent and/or non-patent)
  • References (including annotations and highlighted excerpts, if requested)
  • Databases and other sources used
  • Keyword vectors

The report can be customized, and other features included, depending on your preferences or requirements.


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